Chizhou City issued 4 local standards
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   Recently, the Chizhou City Market Supervision Bureau announced the release of the”Farmer’s Market Operation and Management Specifications”,”Xishan Jiaozao Small Workshop Production and Processing Specifications”, and”Fresh Seed Lotus Paddy Field Planting Technology” 4 local standards, including the Regulations and the Technical Regulations for Cultivation of Golden Ear Facilities in Greenhouses, will be implemented on January 1, 2021.

  ”Farmer’s Market Operation and Management Regulations (DB3417/T 002-2020)” draws on advanced practices from inside and outside the province, combines with Chizhou’s reality, and focuses on the”four modernizations” (standardized, clean The objectives of the farmer’s market operation and management, including market layout, facilities and equipment, on-site operator management, exhibition and sales, hygiene and epidemic prevention, safety and emergency response, information release, operation management system, evaluation Specific requirements were made in 9 areas, including improvements. After implementation, it will play a positive role in promoting the upgrade of the city’s farmer’s market, improving the standardization and professional management of the farmer’s market, and improving the happiness index of urban and rural residents.

  ”Xishan Jiao Jujube Small Workshop Production and Processing Specification (DB3417/T 003-2020)” from the processing site, facilities and equipment, operators, raw material requirements, production process control , Pollution control, packaging and labeling, etc., comprehensively regulate the production and processing of the Xishan Jiaozao Workshop. After the implementation, it will effectively prevent the food safety risks of Xishan Jiaozao and escort this geographical indication product to become bigger and stronger.

   2 agricultural product production technical regulations are formulated according to Chizhou natural conditions and advanced experience in planting and cultivation, which stipulate the environment of the production area, variety selection, facilities and equipment, production technology requirements, diseases and insect pests Technical requirements for key links such as control and harvesting provide authoritative guidelines for the large-scale and harmless production of fresh seed lotus and golden ears.