Chinese scientists found that vitamin C can promote plasma cell differentiation
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   Recently, the Changxing team of West Lake University in my country found in a study that vitamin C can promote plasma cell differentiation and humoral immune response by enhancing TET2/3-mediated DNA demethylation, thereby enhancing the body’s immunity . The research was published in”Cell Reports” with the title:Ascorbic acid promotes plasma cell differentiation through enhancing TET2/3-mediated DNA demethylation.
  Plasma cells are a type of immune cell produced by human B lymphocytes. After the human body is attacked by pathogens, it will stimulate plasma cells to produce a large number of antibodies, which is an important part of the body’s adaptive immune system. The researchers found in the in vitro plasma cell differentiation assay that vitamin C treatment during early B lymphocyte activation can promote plasma cell differentiation by enhancing TET2/3-mediated DNA demethylation, increasing antibody titers and secreting IgG. Plasma cells, thereby improving human immunity. At the same time, by using Gulo-/- mice to simulate human vitamin C deficiency in the body, the researchers proved that vitamin C deficiency can greatly reduce the production of antibodies and plasma cells after antigen immunization. More importantly, the absence of Tet2 and Tet3 in mature B lymphocytes completely eliminated the effect of vitamin C on plasma cell differentiation, indicating that vitamin C promoted plasma cell differentiation through TET enzyme. Therefore, the study revealed a previously unseen link between vitamin C and the regulation of plasma cell differentiation.
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