China Seasoning Association:Looking back on 2020 and looking forward to 2021
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   2020 is an extraordinary year and also the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the China Condiment Association. Faced with the sudden impact of the new crown epidemic, the China Condiment Association has risen to the challenge and led the entire condiment industry in the impact of the epidemic and consumption upgrades. Under the dual background, accelerating the realization of industrial transformation and upgrading, turning”danger” into”opportunity”, has made active efforts to promote the high-quality and healthy development of the condiment industry, and promoted the rapid and stable development of the national condiment industry.

  Witness 2020

  1. Connect the past and the next, do a good job of linking government and enterprises, and do a good job in industry management

   In 2020, the association will give full play to the role of bridge between the government and enterprises, and actively participate in the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, and the industry Important work with the Ministry of Information Technology, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center and local government departments, and the implementation of food safety sampling plans, food enterprise water quotas and water pollutant surveys, solicitation of opinions on national food safety standards, and product quality standard system Special work including revision and”three products” strategy in the food industry.

   accept commissions from government departments and assist them in their work. According to the actual situation of the industry and the needs of standardization work, complete the application of 3 national standard project approval plans; participate in the expert review meeting of the national standard project approval plan.

   Entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Secretariat of the Association actively maintains communication with member companies during the epidemic, and counts the”Monitoring Information Form for the Resumption of Condiment Companies” , To reflect the actual situation of the industry’s resumption of work and production in a timely manner; commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to write the”Food Industry Report-Condiment Manufacturing” to comprehensively analyze the development of the condiment industry in 2019.

   2. Promote industry standardization, establish and improve the industry standard system for condiments Revision work

  As the undertaking unit of the Secretariat of the National Condiment Standardization Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the National Standards Committee), it is responsible for the drafting and centralization of national and industry standards for the condiment industry Management and other work. In 2020, the National Standards Committee adjusted its committee members according to work requirements, and maintained close contact with relevant national departments such as the National Health Commission, the National Standardization Administration, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In 2020, the association will overcome the influence of unfavorable factors such as the adjustment of government departments, the change of the person in charge, and the new crown epidemic, and take the initiative to actively promote the full development of standardization in the condiment industry.

   Improve industry standardization construction, and improve the formulation and revision of industry standards. According to the work requirements of the National Standardization Management Committee, timely supplement and improve the relevant information of 18 national standards that have been submitted for approval before 2020, and follow up the implementation progress of the release.

   has completed the verification and approval of 4 national standards, 3 national standards plan project approval, and 63 industrial standards re-examination transferred by the Ministry of Commerce to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Work, sorted out the industry standard system and work plan, including:abolishing 4 industry standards, continuing to have effective 10 industry standards, and revising 49 industry standards.

   The preparatory meeting for 49 industry standards whose review conclusions are revised has been completed, and the revision process of these 49 industry standards has been officially launched. These 49 industry standards will be carried out in four batches, and all revisions will be completed by 2022 at the latest.

   The first batch of 7 industry standard kick-off meetings was completed. The preparations for the second batch of 13 industry standard launch meetings were completed.

   To adapt to the work requirements of the Standardization Law of the People’s Republic of China, the China Condiment Association Group Standards Professional Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the League Standards Committee) will be established in 2020. The”China Condiment Association Group Standard Project Collection Management Measures” (hereinafter referred to as the Measures), which clearly stipulates the work direction and content of the standard formulation. The members of the League Standards Committee are mainly members of the National Seasoning Standardization Technical Committee, which ensures the authority and professionalism of the standard work. The group standard work will work closely with the work of the association’s branches to fully mobilize and give full play to the professional advantages of high-quality enterprises in each segment.

   issued and implemented three group standards:”Spicy Fresh Dew”,”Meng-style Hot Pot Base”, and”General Rules of Condiment Inspection Rules”. The drafting of more than 30 group standards has been officially launched and will be launched.

   In 2020, the Association will actively cooperate with relevant departments to coordinate food safety management work, and timely summarize the experience, problems and difficulties of food safety management in the condiment industry to relevant national departments. Put forward the opinions of the association and provide expert support on the food safety situation of the condiment industry, food safety risk communication, risk monitoring and revision of national food safety standards.

   3. Integrate expert resources, promote innovation in scientific and technological work, and promote technological progress in the industry

   The Science and Technology Committee of China Condiment Association adjusted its organizational structure and supplemented its members. The committees were divided into 4 working groups, namely:Food Safety Working Group, Technology The innovation working group, the production technology working group, and the achievement transformation and promotion working group; two new university scientific research institute members were added; two new academicians were added as senior consultants of the Association’s Science and Technology Committee.

  Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, offline training has been temporarily postponed. The association has actively expanded the online training model. In May, it organized a public course on public welfare themes in the condiment industry , The theme is:”The impact of product quality and precise positioning on the establishment of differentiation of condiment companies in the post-epidemic era”.

   uses the expert resources of the Science and Technology Committee to provide companies in the industry with customized consultation and services on technology, standards, and technology, and promote the development of scientific and technological achievements. Promotion of transformation and application technologies.

  4. Strengthen service awareness and enhance the service capabilities and core competitiveness of the association

  (1) Actively respond to the challenge of the epidemic and help companies resume work and production span>

  Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the Association has learned the situation of the industry and member companies for the first time, and timely released the”Condiment Industry Affected by the Epidemic Situation and Policy Recommendations”; Responding to the government’s call and launching the industry’s resumption of work and production initiatives, various industry companies actively responded to ensure the supply of people’s livelihood products, and actively donated money and materials to contribute their own strength; summarized the outstanding deeds and donations of brand companies in the industry during the epidemic The donation situation was reported to the higher-level department and spread in the industry and society, which expanded the social influence of the condiment industry; cooperated with Alibaba Cloud to organize an online business school, and invited experts in various fields to open online courses. Special trainings were conducted in economics, new retail, e-commerce platform operation and channel system construction, consumer industry analysis and research, and provided professional guidance and guidance for the digital transformation of the traditional condiment industry.

  (2) Innovate service content to improve service level< /strong>

  The association actively innovates service content and improves service levels and capabilities. It mainly includes the introduction of external resources to build a comprehensive service resource platform for the condiment industry, the establishment of ten major industrial bases and other related base working mechanisms, the establishment of the”Central Tune Coordination-Alibaba Cloud Online Business School”, and the launch of an online business school.

  The most cutting-edge, most professional and authoritative learning position in the condiment industry is open to the industry. The association is committed to building a third-party service platform system including capital, law, consulting, media, digital intelligence services, and Internet operations, and selects the top three service organizations in various fields to enter the association’s resource platform to provide the industry with better quality, More comprehensive services. The association strengthens cooperation with professional institutions, based on the top 100 Chinese condiment brands, introduces professional research in macroeconomics, consumer market research, upstream and downstream industries, and Internet economy, and provides multi-dimensional research reports for the industry.

   In 2020, the association proposes to establish the top ten national condiment industry bases for the national condiment industry investigation and research, industry integration, brand mergers and acquisitions, market analysis and industry management Provide demonstration and guidance. The information exchange between the association and local governments has deepened the understanding of local brand enterprises and upstream and downstream industries, and promoted the construction and development of various industrial bases. Surveys have been conducted in Xiangtan City, Xinghua City, Leling City, Jiangqiao Town of Shanghai, Yangxi County, Suiping County, Pingdu City, Huaibei City and other regions, and statistical analysis of the data of condiment companies in various regions .

  The Secretariat of the Association began to explore the work of individual registered members of WeChat. At present, the design of the registered member rights system has been preliminarily completed, and the CCIA registered member small program has been established.

   In 2020, the association organized the 2020 China Condiment Association’s high-end visits to well-known enterprises and the China Condiment Association’s private meeting for young entrepreneurs. The event was led by Hang Zhuhong, President of the China Condiment Association, and visited Shanghai Totole, Unilever, Shanghai Baoding and other companies. This year’s high-end visits increased the number of dealers, young entrepreneurs, and invited the Internet, capital and other professional institutions to expand the breadth of communication dimensions.

   (3) Gather high-quality resources to build an industry information service platform

   China Condiment Association integrates information channels to form an official WeChat public platform, official website, WeChat service platform, Douyin, resource service platform applets, etc. Information service method.

   In 2020, the association will strengthen the establishment of three official WeChat accounts of the association to provide the industry with authoritative, timely and comprehensive information services.”Tou Tiao” is positioned as an information platform for the condiment industry, and the industry has launched a full-scale invitation for manuscripts. More than 10 experts and more than 50 companies have participated in the co-construction of the information platform. Information services focus on industry hotspots and events, association work dynamics, industry information and corporate dynamics. In addition to the official information platform, the association also has more than 20 information sharing groups with a total of 10,000+ members, sharing industry trends in real time, and providing supply-demand matching services. In addition, the association’s official Douyin and video accounts have also become the association’s new frontier for external information transmission and corporate publicity.

   (4) Do a good job in statistical analysis, publish industry monographs, publish professional articles, and provide theoretical support for industry development.

  The statistical summary analysis and industry analysis report of the top 100 Chinese condiment famous brand companies have become government departments, investment institutions, and industry insiders to understand the development status and trends of the condiment industry The association’s monographs and special reports have become an important reference for guiding the development of the industry.

   China’s top 100 condiment famous brand companies in 2019 are the 100 finalists in the statistical activities of the year. The statistical analysis has increased the sales revenue data of each sub-category. The top 100 data conference was held in China. At the same time, on the basis of this report, an industry development report on the development status and future trends of soy sauce, seasoning sauce, compound seasoning and other industries has been formed, which has received extensive attention and recognition from the industry.

   In 2020, the association conducted a survey of industrial bases in various regions, mainly understanding Xiangtan City, Xinghua City, Leling City, Shanghai Jiangqiao Town, Yang The condiment industry in Xixian, Suiping County, Pingdu City, Huaibei City and other regions and the development of enterprises in the park are also summarized with major economic indicators.

  In 2020, the executive chairman Wei Xiangyun published the”Value Investment Concept Wrong?” ”, “Analysis of Value Investment after the Great Adjustment of Consumer Stocks”, “Learning and Thinking in the National War Epidemic”, “Analysis of Value Investment of Consumer Stocks such as Haitian Flavor, Zhongju Hi-tech and Kweichow Moutai” and other macro analysis articles. , Provides reference for development ideas for industry enterprises, and enhances the status of the condiment industry in the consumer market and capital market.

   In 2020, Secretary-General Bai Yan’s article”Thinking about the development of the condiment industry under the epidemic” published in the early stage of the epidemic has aroused the attention and attention of the industry and is widely used in the industry Dissemination; professional reports on sub-industries such as”Concentrate on Breaking the Situation” and”The”Taste” of Products Just Needed by the Civilian Production Industry” has been reprinted by many media and widely cited by relevant research institutions, becoming the development of the condiment industry Reference article.

   In 2020, the association is preparing to publish the book”China Condiment Industry Investment Theory”. The book is compiled by Wei Xiangyun, the executive chairman of the China Condiment Association, through years of accumulation and precipitation of industry information, supplemented by detailed industry data and objective market research results, and is organized to guide production and operation, investment trends, and structural optimization. Of professional books. The publication of the book is currently nearing completion and will be officially published by China Economic Publishing House.

   (5) Actively participate in industry exchanges and seminars, and in-depth investigation and research on enterprises and industrial bases

   China Condiment Association Chairman Hang Zhuhong led a team to visit Shanghai Totole, Unilever, Shanghai Baoding and other companies, and shared experience with various companies And communicate.

   Wei Xiangyun, executive chairman of China Condiment Association, was invited to inspect companies such as Oji Foods and Hengshun Vinegar. During the exchange and inspection, President Wei fully communicated with condiment companies, understood their demands, and provided professional guidance on hot issues such as industry consumption trends, sub-industry development, and capital market development.

   Bai Yan, secretary-general of China Condiment Association, was invited to attend the Qingxu Old Vinegar Jinan Tour, 2020 Totole Umami Science Gathering Future Seminar, Anhui Condiment Industry Development Summit Forum, Hengshun 180th Anniversary High-Quality Development Summit, Zhongjing Food’s GEM listing bell ringing ceremony and other activities; visited and inspected Alibaba Group, Hengshun Vinegar, Zhejiang Salt Group, Totole, Unilever, Xiangtan City Dragon Brand Soy Sauce, Baoding, Guanghan Medle, Haoji Food, Zhongtian Guofu Securities, Yang Fujin and other enterprises; visited Shanghai Jiangqiao Town, Yangxi Industrial Park, Huaibei City Xiangshan District, Xinghua City , Xiangtan City and other condiment industry bases. He has published several keynote speeches in related product fields, interpreted the current situation of the industry and analyzed the development trend of the industry through detailed data.

  (6) Strengthen cooperation with local governments, relevant industry associations and related Communication and cooperation of service organizations

   In 2020, the China Condiment Association will strengthen cooperation with local governments, related industry associations and related service organizations, broaden the depth and breadth of services, and cooperate with Jiading District, Shanghai Jiangqiao Town People’s Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and jointly established the Shanghai Condiment Industry Innovation Center, and cooperated with Yangxi County People’s Government, Qingxu County People’s Government, Xiangtan City People’s Government, Pingdu City Bureau of Commerce, Anhui Food Industry Association , Sichuan University and Sichuan University of Light Chemical Technology have maintained linkages and jointly organized activities including technology, innovation, industry, research and development, etc., which promoted the technological and industrial development of the condiment industry.

   (7) Promote the integration of industrial resources and enhance corporate brand image

   China (International) Condiment and Food Ingredients Expo (CFE), as the only professional exhibition in the condiment industry approved by the Ministry of Commerce, has been The 16th session was successfully held. After years of hard work and development, a comprehensive exhibition centered on brand exhibitions, supplemented by related supporting activities and special zones has been formed.

   In December, the 2020 China (International) Condiments and Food Ingredients Expo overcame the adverse effects of the new crown epidemic and was successfully held in Guangzhou. The organizing committee strictly followed the prevention and control of the epidemic Request, adjust the exhibition arrangements. Actively innovate the exhibition model and promote the digital transformation of traditional exhibition projects. In March and September, two seasons of condiment industry online anti-epidemic public welfare fairs were successfully held. There were more than 1,000 exhibitors at the two-season online fairs, with a cumulative view of 2 million.

   is based on the annual national expo, with the brand positioning of”Taste of China”, to extend and expand into the downward market. In September, the second Weidong China (Yangxi) Condiment Fair jointly sponsored by China Condiment Association, Yangxi County People’s Government, and Zhongshan Torch (Yangxi) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park was held in Yangxi, Guangdong. Well-known condiment brands including Haitian, Lee Kum Kee, Chubang, Zhimeizhai, Totole, Hexian, etc. appeared on the scene.

   5. Do a good job in the organization of the association and promote the professional development of the association’s work

  The Secretariat of the Association focuses on recruiting companies with good reputation and influence in the industry to join the Association. In 2020, it will recruit 38 new members. Continuously improve the coverage of the association’s services, maintain close contact with member units through multiple channels such as telephone, WeChat, and forums; improve the service level of member units. Customized cooperation with enterprises to conduct industry information research, and assist enterprises to solve problems and problems in business development.

  The Secretariat of the Association has continuously strengthened the management of various branches. At present, 21 branches have been established, and the work of each branch is carried out in an orderly manner.

   In 2020, China Condiment Association Machinery Equipment Professional Committee, Listed Company Special Committee, Packaging Materials and Container Special Committee was established; China Condiment Association Compound Seasoning The professional committee held the third general meeting and produced a new leadership organization; the China Seasoning Association Compound Seasoning Professional Committee, the China Seasoning Association Soy Sauce Professional Committee, the Seasoning Sauce Professional Committee, and the Seasoning Food Ingredients Professional Committee held a line The following conferences and activities played an important role in connection, display, and cultural inheritance, and were of great significance to the development of various industries; the distributor branch of China Condiment Association organized visits to well-known distributors in Shanghai, Jinan and Beijing.

  6. Hold 25th anniversary series of activities to inject a booster for industry development

   In 2020, under the influence of the sudden new crown epidemic, all walks of life are facing unprecedented challenges. As a civilian production industry, how to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the condiment industry under the dual background of the impact of the epidemic and consumption upgrades has become a core issue for enterprises to maintain steady and rapid development. At this key node that urgently needs to integrate the team, boost morale, meet challenges, and seize opportunities, the China Condiment Association took the 25th anniversary of its founding as an opportunity to organize a series of activities for the 25th anniversary and organized the 2020 Condiment Industry Leaders Summit and The 25th anniversary commemorative meeting of the China Condiment Association has pointed out the direction for the development of the entire industry and injected a booster.

   China Condiment Association was established 25 years ago, with the purpose of”based on the industry, gather members, face the market, and serve the enterprise”, it is developing members, promoting technology, and improving standards. Through continuous efforts and exploration, development and innovation, we have achieved brilliant results in many aspects, such as transmitting information, building platforms, serving the industry, and connecting government and enterprises. Twenty-five years of hard work and 25 years of steadfast and deep cultivation have enabled the China Condiment Association to truly become a bridge and link between the government and enterprises. At the same time, it has formed a powerful resource service platform including the Internet, law, capital, consulting, and information technology. It has played a solid role in promoting the development of the condiment industry. This year, we received blessings from all parties, released a 25th anniversary commemorative video, and received affirmation and blessings from people from all walks of life. Let us work together to create greater glories.

  Open 2021

  1. Cooperate with relevant government departments in their work

   continue to explore new ideas for the development of industry associations under the new situation, and actively cooperate with relevant government departments to do various industry management tasks, including food safety management risk communication, Industry basic research, expert technical support, data analysis, etc.; under the structure of food safety and social governance, continue to hold the 2021 national condiment industry food safety work symposium to help condiment companies better understand and implement the country Relevant food safety policies, establish a food safety risk prevention system, and break through food safety management bottlenecks; cooperate with relevant national departments to publicize and implement relevant national policies and regulations, and organize condiment science and technology workers to participate in the research of national condiment industry technical policies, regulations and specifications And formulation work to provide relevant national departments with policy suggestions and opinions needed for industry development, and provide industry references for policy formulation.

   2. Comprehensively promote industry standardization work

   continue to accept the commissions of the National Standardization Management Committee, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Health Commission to develop and revise national standards, industry standards and national food safety standards Work; relying on the Association’s Group Standards Technical Committee to fully carry out the association’s group standards work to do a good job in the standardization construction of the condiment industry; strengthen the management and organizational structure of the National Condiment Standardization Technical Committee; strengthen the association with various branches The exchanges and cooperation of institutional members regularly solicit standard project proposals from various branches. Cooperate with the National Health Commission to complete the formulation and revision of various national food safety standards; cooperate with the National Standardization Management Committee and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to complete the implementation of 22 recommended national standards that have been submitted for approval; initiate and complete the revision of 20 industry standards; Complete 11 group standards that have been established in the second batch of 2020; start group standard plans including product quality, production technical specifications, etc., and complete the drafting work; select group standards with high citation rates and wide coverage according to the effect of group standards As an industry standard and national standard conversion project; strengthen the organization and management of the National Standardization Technical Committee for Seasoning (hereinafter referred to as the Standardization Committee), improve the working system and procedures of the Standardization Committee; do a good job in the technical committees of pickles and vinegar Coordinating management work; preparing for the 2021 National Seasoning Standardization Technical Committee Annual Meeting.

   3. Improve the ability and level of scientific and technological services, and carry out various special tasks

   Strengthen the scientific and technological exchanges between the association and various universities, colleges and research institutes, and fully mobilize the experts of the Science and Technology Committee to accurately connect according to the needs of industry enterprises , Do a good job in technical services; enrich the scientific and technological strength of the industry, enrich and improve the composition of the association’s science and technology committee; carry out the condiment industry scientific and technological achievements innovation competition and regional technical exchange forums (activities); focus on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and promote the integration of production, education and research , And actively innovate the content and form of activities. Hold the 2021 National Condiment Industry Science and Technology Exchange Conference, release information on scientific research results in the condiment industry in a timely manner, discuss technical hotspots and difficult issues in the condiment industry, and promote the improvement of the condiment industry technology level; in-depth development of condiment manufacturers and food colleges The scientific and technological exchange activities of universities and scientific research institutes, combined with the presentation of the scientific and technological achievements innovation competition, continue to carry out the activities of Chinese condiment industry enterprises entering colleges and universities in 2021; mobilize the power of committee members to prepare for the regional science and technology forum; The technical support work of the”Condiment Club” of the University Food College; carry out sensory appraisal technical exchanges and training in 2021, and leverage scientific research advantages to hold 2-3 special online and offline technical training events.

  4. Strengthen the organization of the association and improve the service level and ability of the association

   Continue to strengthen the organization of the association, and actively develop high-quality condiment companies to join or join the board of directors. Preparing to hold annual meetings of professional committees such as the Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Science and Technology Committee, Young Entrepreneurs Committee, Perception Technology Committee, etc.; convene the general meeting of the professional committees of seasoning food ingredients, seasoning wine, and fermented bean curd; change the working mode of the distributor branch and strengthen the Service of small and medium dealers in sinking channels. By organizing dealer conferences, setting up special training courses, and carrying out visits to hundreds of companies, the members of the chamber of commerce have been expanded and the influence of the dealer branch has been expanded.

  6. Integrate industrial resources and innovate service content< /strong>

  The association continues to integrate third-party platform service content including capital, law, consulting, media, Internet, etc., and selects the top three service organizations in each industry to enter the association The overall resource platform of the condiment industry; hold the 2021 seasoning industry leaders summit and the third phase of high-end visits to well-known companies; prepare for the third phase of private meeting for young entrepreneurs; continue to develop the top ten national condiment industry bases and food planning and seasoning The establishment of a product application innovation research and development base.

  7. Improve the information service platform of the association and enhance the information service level of the association

  In 2021, the association will continue to provide comprehensive information services for the industry, and all information platforms will operate simultaneously to ensure the cutting-edge, timeliness and professionalism of information and publicity. Maintain and promote the WeChat service platform of the Association to provide a comprehensive information service platform for condiment industry enterprises; manage and operate the three WeChat public platforms of China Condiment Association, Weijie Toutiao, China Condiment Exhibition and the official website of China Condiment Association, Form information co-construction with industry professionals and enterprises; manage the association’s official Douyin account and WeChat video account to meet the new needs of new media communication; do a good job in the management of the association’s WeChat groups, and strengthen information exchange and interaction between industry enterprises for Industry enterprises build a platform for supply and demand exchanges.

   8. Do a good job in industry basic research and provide industry professional reports and analysis

  In 2021, the association will increase the breadth of industry research and data collection based on the top 100 statistics, data analysis, book publishing, etc. Professionalism of the data research report. Continue to do a good job in the statistical analysis of the top 100 Chinese condiment brands in 2020, scientifically summarize and analyze the economic indicators of the condiment industry, and publish a professional report on the development and trends of the condiment industry and key branch industries in 2020; publish The”Investment Theory of Condiment Industry in China” provides a reference for condiment practitioners to understand the condiment industry; the”Taste World Observation” (trial issue) is compiled and printed by the Listed Company Research Association of China Condiment Association for listed companies and investment institutions And brand companies to provide information for reference; to maintain information exchange with local governments and industrial parks, and to issue research reports on the condiment market in various subdivisions and sinking areas in cooperation with professional research institutions; prepare for the establishment of China’s condiment industry data Taiwan, comprehensively improve the level and ability of the association’s digital and intelligent services.

   Nine. Innovate exhibition content and build an exhibition service platform

   will continue to hold the 2021 China (International) Condiments and Food Ingredients Expo, improve the online exhibitor display platform, and form cooperation with offline exhibitions to meet the diverse needs of condiment companies Promotion needs; upgrade supporting activities to highlight the forward-looking and authoritative content; strengthen the ability and level of exhibition resource integration, improve the ability to match the needs of upstream and downstream professional resources in the industry, and make every effort to create”promote the integration and improvement of industrial resources”Corporate brand image” three-dimensional condiment professional exposition.

  10. Strengthen cooperation with local governments, related industry associations and related services Institutional exchange and cooperation

   Strengthen the interaction between the association and local governments, actively promote the construction and development of various industrial bases, and promote the construction and development of various industrial bases, including Yangxi, Qingxu, Leling, Suiping, Ping The growth and development of condiment industrial parks and clusters such as Du and Linying; maintain long-term working mechanisms with brother associations in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Sichuan, Hubei, Jiangxi, and Heilongjiang; cooperate with China International Chamber of Commerce and the world Chinese restaurant industry The Federation, China Hotel Supplies Association, China Light Industry Machinery Association, China Fragrance, Fragrance and Cosmetics Industry Association, and”Same Line, Same Standard and Same Quality” Promotion Alliance and other institutions maintain cooperation and negotiation to bridge the integration of the condiment industry and related fields. Maintain cooperation with relevant professional organizations such as law, consulting, Internet, capital, digital intelligence services, new media operations, etc., to build a more comprehensive resource platform for the industry.


   2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the beginning of the”14th Five-Year Plan” period, and the beginning of the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. The China Condiment Association will always be the guidepost leading the development of the condiment industry, implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, carefully plan the future development of the condiment industry, grasp the new development stage, implement the new development concept, and build a new development pattern , Adhere to innovation-driven, comprehensively deepen reforms, promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure, resonate with enterprises at the same frequency, walk hand in hand, and drive the rapid and stable development of the national condiment industry!

  China Condiment Association sticks to its responsibility and responsibility as a condiment person as always, and always adheres to the purpose of”based on the industry, gather members, face the market, and serve the enterprise”. Continuously pioneering and innovating, continue to lead the entire condiment industry forward.”Flavour” has come, has come…