China Animal Husbandry Association’s work summary in 2020 and work points in 2021
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China Animal Husbandry Association 2020 work summary

  1. Actively respond to the impact of the epidemic, stabilize production, promote resumption of production, and ensure supply

   At the end of 2019, the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection spread in Wuhan and spread to the whole country. The prevention and control situation is very severe. In the face of the crisis, the association actively mobilized and took the initiative to fight the impact of the epidemic with its members. Starting from January 25th, all staff will stay at home and work online 24 hours a day, quickly responding to problems such as blocked supply and transportation in the industry. And on February 1st, it issued the anti-epidemic open letter to all members and colleagues in the animal husbandry industry to unite and unite to resolutely win the battle against epidemic prevention and control, actively mobilizing members to act quickly, with the belief in victory, high morale, and science. His spirit is devoted to this war without gunpowder. It is necessary to improve the political position, firmly establish the”four consciousnesses”, strengthen the”four self-confidences”, and achieve the”two maintenances”, take epidemic prevention and control as the most important work at present, earnestly fulfill responsibilities, and have the courage to act. Fully understand and fully support the measures taken by the party and government. We must unite our wills, work together, carry forward the fine tradition of”one party is in trouble, eight parties support”, and gather the strength of the whole industry to overcome the difficulties.

   1. Take the initiative and actively respond to the epidemic crisis.

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, many places have adopted road traffic control measures, resulting in pigs, young seedlings, poultry eggs, poultry meat, feed, veterinary drugs and other breeding materials The dispatch is greatly affected. Cross-provincial live poultry sales and transportation are blocked, live poultry cannot be transported between enterprises, cannot meet normal production, and business processes are interrupted. According to emergency survey statistics, a total of 27 provinces across the country or some cities and counties closed live poultry trading markets at the peak. Live poultry that was slaughtered could not be sold, and the poultry industry suffered heavy losses. In some places, slaughterhouses have complex starting procedures and restricted personnel flow, resulting in insufficient slaughterhouse operations and affecting normal sales of livestock and poultry. The poultry industry has been affected more prominently due to the short production cycle and large feeding volume. The association takes the initiative, actively responds, and helps member companies overcome difficulties. The”Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic” and the”Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic of my country’s Pigeon Industry” are issued in a timely manner to guide member companies to do a good job in prevention and control during the epidemic. Production and business activities ensure the health of employees and the normal production of the company, and reduce corporate losses.

   2. Actively assist the relevant government departments in the investigation of the situation.

   has repeatedly assisted relevant departments in the emergency investigation of the impact of the epidemic on the livestock industry, especially the poultry industry. After summarizing and sorting out, the”Table of Funding Requirements for Key Guarantee Companies of the Epidemic”,”Basic Situation of Live Pig Market Prices, Impact of the Epidemic and Suggestions”,”Current Poultry Industry Production Situation, Overall Trends of Poultry, Poultry and Eggs, Main Issues and Suggestions”,” Estimation of the Poultry Industry Loss Caused by the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic”,”Investigation on the Poultry Industry Damage Caused by the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic”,”Investigation of the Pig Industry Damage Caused by the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic”,”Beef Cattle under the Current Situation of Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic” Feedback and Situation Analysis of Industry Development Issues, “Report on the Production Status and Problems of Sheep Industry Member Companies”, “Basic Situation of the Donkey Industry and Later Estimates and Recommendations”, “The Impact of the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic on the Development of the Rabbit Industry and There are more than 10 investigation reports including”Recommendations”. At the same time, according to the requirements, the “briefing report” and the collection of related loss forms were reported weekly to the Animal Husbandry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. By the beginning of April, a total of 9 poultry industry briefings were completed and reported to the Department of Animal Husbandry and other departments. The fifth issue of the”Compilation of Briefings on Poultry Industry’s Response to the New Crown Epidemic” was sent to member companies.

  3. Actively reflect industry demands and strive to solve practical problems.

   During the period from January 26 to 29, 2020, the association has successively received strong requests from many member companies. The secretariat issued a report on the opening of the The Urgent Appeal for the Green Channel was reported to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the Appeals and Requests of Certain Poultry Production Enterprises and Local Industry Associations and Wang Lianzeng, the 13th National People’s Congress representative, on supporting livestock enterprises during the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic The Letter of Stabilizing Production and Guaranteeing Supply and five important documents of other enterprises were submitted together as appendices, which truthfully and timely reported the difficulties faced by our country’s poultry industry. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs attached great importance to it and responded quickly. On January 30, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Transport, and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the”Emergency Notice on Ensuring the Normal Circulation of”Vegetable Basket” Products and Agricultural Production Materials.” With the follow-up and implementation of local governments, the production situation of the poultry industry has gradually improved.

   In response to the emergence of Hubei poultry breeding enterprises, the transportation of production materials has been blocked, feed and raw materials (corn, soybean meal) are basically paralyzed, and most large-scale farms will face” On the issue of food shortage, an urgent appeal was issued on”Supporting Feed Ingredients such as Corn and Soybean Meal in Hubei Province”. Call on major feed manufacturers to support Hubei Province and extend a helping hand to the poultry industry in Hubei Province. After the proposal was issued, it received positive responses and support from the majority of members.

   The Association promptly forwarded to its member units the”Letter on Submission of the Jiangsu Jinghai Poultry Group Co., Ltd. Poultry Subsidy Opinions” and the”New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Caused Serious Sufferings to Breeding Enterprises It is recommended to issue relevant support policies and other appeals to assist relevant departments in coordinating and solving relevant problems as soon as possible.

   4. Take the initiative to speak out for industry rights.

   On January 30, 2020, the Association participated in the “Emergency Meeting on the Impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia on the Poultry Industry” organized by the National Development and Reform Commission. Regarding the emergency notice on ensuring the normal circulation of”vegetable basket” products and agricultural production materials, strict accountability is required; it is recommended to resume live poultry market transactions in strict accordance with the animal epidemic prevention law and environmental protection law; support live poultry production areas Poultry slaughterhouses resume production, open up poultry transportation channels, and introduce subsidies for the purchase of meat and poultry for slaughter, or the local government that has closed the market will give farmers direct compensation; relevant experts are advised not to look at the poultry industry with suspicion and suggest that relevant departments prohibit transportation, trading, and slaughter poultry.

The    Association submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs the”Letter on Granting Normal Consumption Treatment for Special Livestock Products such as Donkeys, Quail, Guinea Fowl, Turkey, Teal, etc.”,” Letter on Retention of Turkey Breeding Project,”Development Status of Quail Industry in my country”. Participated twice in the”National Catalogue of Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources” organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. It is appealed that the above breeds should be used as characteristic breeding breeds, and their product consumption should enjoy the same treatment as cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens and other livestock and poultry, and they cannot be sold as wild animals.”Explanation on my country’s large-scale breeding of meat pigeons belonging to the category of poultry breeding” was published on the WeChat public account. Organize and convene a video conference for the office meeting of the president of the deer industry branch, calling on sika deer, red deer and other artificially bred deer species not to be sold as wild animals. Prepare public opinion for the country to amend the Wildlife Protection Law. The industry rights and interests are protected to the greatest extent.

  5. Encourage member companies to actively respond to the epidemic, promote resumption of production, and ensure supply.

  Due to the increasingly severe spread of the epidemic, roads were blocked and the transportation of live livestock and poultry products and feed was blocked, which greatly affected the resumption of production in the livestock industry. The association actively conducted investigations in response to this situation in a timely manner, and drafted the”Statement on the Opening of Green Channels for the Transportation of Breeding Livestock and Poultry Materials under the Situation of Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic”, and reported the difficulties faced by enterprises in resuming production to relevant departments in a timely manner. Encourage relevant state ministries and commissions to issue documents to solve the problem of poor transportation of livestock and poultry materials.

   implements”double prohibition” measures against market supervision departments in many places, that is,”prohibition of live poultry trading in the market and prohibition of live poultry slaughtering in the market”, artificially cutting off the industrial chain, In the case of serious losses in the poultry industry, the poultry industry branch urgently drafted the”Emergency Report on Retransmitting Member Companies’ Recommendations and Promulgation of Related Policies to Ensure the Poultry Industry’s”Stable Production and Guarantee”” and”Resolutely oppose the complete ban on the live poultry trading market and forward it to the Nine Provinces Letter from the Municipal Poultry Association and Enterprises urging the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to save the poultry industry in distress>, attached with the”Recommendations of the Nine Provinces and Municipality Poultry Associations and Enterprises urging the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to Rescue the Poultry Industry in Distress” and the joint place The list of associations and enterprises shall be urgently reported to the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau. Drafted and reported the “Impact of Banning Live Poultry Trading Market on Poultry Industry” to the Legal Service Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and drafted “Recommendations on Preserving Live Poultry Trading Market” to the National Development and Reform Commission, State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, and National Health The four major ministries and commissions, the Health Commission and the Ministry of Finance, stated that 80%of China’s yellow feather broilers are sold as live poultry, and the complete ban on live poultry transactions will cause a fatal blow to the yellow feather broiler industry. They called on relevant government departments to initiate emergency plans to comprehensively strengthen epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, it will promptly formulate and issue protective policies for the poultry industry, open the live poultry trading market in an orderly manner, and open up green channels for transportation of livestock and poultry (pigs and chickens) and production materials to help enterprises overcome difficulties.

   On February 6, 2020, the Poultry Industry Branch will specifically target 58 companies participating in the monitoring of breeding stock price information, focusing on poultry production, transportation, and production material guarantee Information collection work has been carried out in various aspects, and feedback from companies on traffic obstruction and difficulty in issuing quarantine certificates has been collected, forming the”Reflection of Poultry Transportation Obstruction in the Current Situation of Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia” on multiple platforms Spread, reflect the real situation of the industry and the difficulties it faces, and actively speak for the industry.

   On February 17-20, 2020, entrusted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Association collected information about the epidemic’s impact on pig slaughter, replenishment and production plans of 18 large enterprises. The impacts were summarized into the materials”Current Difficulties and Suggestions Faced by the Pig Industry” and”The Impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic on the Pig Production of Large Pig Breeding Enterprises” and reported to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

   In response to the difficulty of land use for pig farming companies, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, in conjunction with relevant departments, commissioned the association to investigate the current problems in pig farming companies’ production land. The Association promptly sent the”Letter on Investigating the Problems Existing in the Land Use of Pig Breeding Enterprises” to all pig breeding companies, and compiled the opinions and submitted them to the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

  6. Multi-channel publicity to deliver positive energy.

The    Association urgently developed and launched a webpage on”Fighting against the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic” on February 3. There are nine”policies and regulations”,”government news”,”epidemic prevention and control”,”industry news”,”enterprise news”,”market news”,”economic news”,”related videos”, and”service platforms”. As of November 4th, a total of 2054 anti-epidemic related articles have been uploaded. And recommend a number of information platforms in the service platform column to provide information technology services for the fight against the epidemic.

   Association Chairman Li Xirong, Secretary-General He Xintian, Deputy Secretary-General Gong Guifen and other leaders accepted the”Beijing News”,”Economic Daily”,”Farmers Daily”,”Xinhua Daily Telegraph” and other major media interviews provide detailed answers to the country’s support policies for the livestock industry under the epidemic, how companies can overcome difficulties, and how to better ensure the production and supply of”vegetable baskets”.

   From the media China Animal Husbandry Association conducted an exclusive interview with more than 20 animal husbandry companies including Tianzhao on the positive response and transformation and adjustment of enterprises during the epidemic period to guide the industry Responding to the difficulties of the epidemic.

   Developed the”War Epidemic-Livestock Industry in Action” mini program. Summarize special reports on the current epidemic.

   keeps an eye on the developments of major companies during the epidemic, and learns about and forwarded”Wen’s Shares True Feedback in the Face of New Pneumonia Epidemic” and other companies’ donations during the anti-epidemic period. On the WeChat official account, the association’s website adopts multi-faceted reports and praises for industry enterprises. Demonstrate the social responsibility and charity spirit of private enterprises.

   jointly launched the”Joint Initiative on Stabilizing Enterprises, Stabilizing Supply and Maintaining Normal Economic and Social Order” in conjunction with a number of business associations, advising members to do a good job in”two-line anti-epidemic” , Actively implement the first-hand fight against the epidemic, and promote development with the other; ensure the”two stability”, actively do a good job in stabilizing the production of enterprises and stable supply in the market; compact the”two unblocked”, and actively promote product online interoperability and offline access; shoulder responsibility The”Two Responsibilities” are the responsibility to help stabilize economic development and maintain normal economic and social order.

   actively communicate with China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, and get in touch with logistics information companies such as G7. Seek support for the shortage of feed in Wuhan breeding enterprises. Publish information on multiple transportation platforms such as”Logistics Information Sharing Platform”,”China IOT Road Freight Branch and 100 member units to launch the”Anti-epidemic Tong” platform” to the information and animal husbandry industry groups, actively promote and spread, and provide companies with More available logistics resources.

   through the various branches of the association and the WeChat public platform of”China Animal Husbandry” released related content about ensuring the transportation of animal husbandry, ensuring the production and supply of”vegetable baskets”, and resuming production , Release the association’s response to the epidemic, joint initiatives and interviews, and report the epidemic and industry corporate information, corporate appeals, and animal husbandry corporate donations.

   through the live broadcast room”Zhonghu Xingmu” to start public welfare live broadcast during the epidemic to increase interaction. Open special channels for various branches of the association, Wuhan Shanchuan and other enterprises, and invite industry experts to live online. Share corresponding reports on animal husbandry production technology and industry analysis.

   scientifically judge the impact of the “new crown pneumonia” epidemic on the livestock industry and future market trends, and use various webcast platforms such as “China Livestock Media” and WeChat public The issue of popular science publicity and industry guidance, including”Digital Thinking of Pig Industry under Current Situation”,”Geometric Impact of Epidemic on Herbivorous Farming”,”How to Help Herbivorous Animal Husbandry Enterprises Under the Epidemic Crisis”,”Promoting Opportunities and Brands of Herbivorous Animal Husbandry””Strategy” and other aspects have aroused widespread public concern.

   take the initiative to contact many media such as Farmers’ Daily, China Science News, Science Net, Zhuyi Media, China Feed Industry Information Network, Agricultural Wealth Collection (Niuyang Tiandi), etc. Units, reporting issues of industry concern and work that urgently needs the cooperation of the association. Cooperated with Beijing Shuangshida Advertising Co., Ltd. on CCTV-17 Agricultural and Rural Channel”Heroes Everywhere” to promote public welfare to member companies that donated more than one million yuan in materials to epidemic areas, and convey positive energy against the epidemic.

  7. Actively respond to the national call to deliver positive energy.

   In response to the call of the Party Committee of the Central and State Institutions Working Committee, Industry Association, Chamber of Commerce, organized the association secretariat staff to make voluntary donations to fight the epidemic, with a total donation of 16,600 yuan.

   2. Assist the government in its work and promote the implementation of supporting policies

   was urgently entrusted by the Legal Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to contact companies to inquire about amendments to the”Animal Husbandry Law” and submit them to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to the National People’s Congress in time. The revision of the Livestock Law provides reference materials.

   was entrusted by the Department of Agriculture and Economics of the National Development and Reform Commission on January 18 to invite the heads of 10 breeding enterprises to participate in the symposium. Exchanges on the current recovery of live pig production, the maintenance of supply and price stability in the pork market, and the expansion and commissioning of farms to provide opinions and suggestions for the government’s work.

   was entrusted by the relevant departments of the National Development and Reform Commission to draft the”Swine Market Price Situation, Difficulties Faced by Enterprises and Suggestions”,”The Current Feed Cost Status of Pig Enterprises and the Guarantee”Suggestions on the Supply of Feed Ingredients” and other industry recommendations are reported to the National Development and Reform Commission.

   was commissioned by the Seed Industry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on March 25 to provide the materials of”Analysis of my country’s Pig Industry’s Demand for Imported Original Breeding Pigs”.

   In April, I participated in the meeting of the Planning Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to discuss the monitoring and early warning indicators of the pig industry.

   In April and May, participated in several meetings on seed industry planning of the Seed Industry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and drafted 14-five seed industry planning research reports for livestock and poultry species And participate in the discussion and revision of the seed industry planning manuscript.

   assisted the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to complete the relevant data collection work of the”Pig Industry Basic Data Manual”. Mainly related to the top 20 domestic pig production companies in 2019 and the slaughter volume of the top 20 pig slaughter companies.

  Participated in the compilation and revision of the”Report on the Research Situation of Seed Industry Development under the New Situation” of the Seed Industry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs; assisted the Seed Industry Department to collect and summarize the main breeding pigs The company’s production and operation data collected a total of 56 corporate breeding pig sales data with core pig farms.

   assisted Beijing Haidian District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau in investigating the suspected false propaganda case of Beijing Winning Weifang Catering Management Co., Ltd.

   organizes experts to conduct statistics and analysis on domestic alfalfa cultivation, production, processing, sales, utilization, and foreign imports on a quarterly basis, and form alfalfa production and utilization technical guidance and alfalfa Reports on evaluation of nutritional value and dairy performance of dairy cows are submitted to relevant departments.

   Participated in the seminar on the pilot program of animal husbandry machinery and agricultural machinery subsidies organized by the Planning and Design Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Heard and participated in the discussion of pilot subsidy programs for livestock machinery in Guangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangxi, Sichuan, and Beijing.

  3. Guide industrial innovation drive and help the effective supply of livestock products

  1. Persist in participating in the control of production capacity and stabilize the production of pigs and poultry breeding.

   implemented the”National Breeding Livestock and Poultry Production and Price Dynamic Monitoring Project” for 100 pig companies, 600 large-scale pig breeding farms and 187 poultry companies. Collect, summarize and analyze data on a regular basis, write monthly analysis reports every month, report to relevant departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in a timely manner, and feed back to monitoring companies. Assist the Ministry of Commerce to evaluate the impact on the industry after the implementation of the Brazilian white feather broiler anti-dumping measures. Provide information on the white feather broiler industry to the General Administration of Customs to further prevent the introduction from Europe and the United States to avoid overcapacity.

   assisted the National Animal Husbandry Station to conduct surveys in Yingshang County and Funan County, Anhui Province. Formed a research team with the Industry Statistics and Analysis Department of the National Animal Husbandry Station to conduct research in Rudong County and Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province.

   was commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to investigate the changes in the stock of sows capable of reproducing large-scale leading breeding companies, and form the report on”Recovery of Pig Production in Large-scale Pig Breeding Enterprises” Relevant departments. In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, a live pig production symposium was held in Changsha, Hunan. Representatives from 7 provincial agricultural and rural departments and 20 large-scale breeding enterprises, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and China Animal Husbandry, were held in Hunan, Liaoning, Anhui, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Sichuan, and Guizhou. A total of 56 representatives from industry associations attended the meeting. Chairman Li Xirong and a group of 7 people inspected the pig-raising complex and the slaughtering and processing production line in the building of Muyuan Food Co., Ltd.

  2. Implement monitoring of information on multiple breeds of livestock to help the national animal husbandry industry macro-control.

   undertook the”National Beef Cattle Market Survey and Analysis” and”National Meat Sheep Market Survey and Analysis” projects of the Market and Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The core large-scale member companies of the Regional Layout Association are used as a designated monitoring pilot. The information on the production and price of beef cattle and mutton sheep is compiled and reported every quarter. We also developed a price monitoring WeChat mini program and put it into use to better provide technical support for collecting relevant monitoring data.

   and the School of Economics and Management of China Agricultural University jointly developed the China Rabbit Industry Big Data Collection Platform, completed the programming of the database, collection system, and calculation model, and passed the system test station The collector has tested it many times, and the first phase of the development work has been completed and has been released to the public.

  3. Persist in promoting the standardization of the industry and strive to optimize the business environment.

   has held two group standard review and demonstration meetings. The meeting reviewed and passed the 9 branches of poultry industry, grass industry, cattle industry, sheep industry, pigeon industry, etc. 50 group standard project plans, 3 animal husbandry engineering group standards such as”Computer and Testing Methods for Chicken Coop Airtightness” and 10 intelligent animal husbandry group standards drafting drafts including”Specifications for Pig Breeding under Intelligent Breeding Mode” have been completed. On-site verification of the Manual Incubation Technical Regulations. Deliberated and approved 8 sheep industry standards including”Charolais Sheep Breeding”, 5 pigeon industry standards including”Technical Specifications for Pigeon Breeding”, 6 deer industry standards including”Deer Welfare”, and”Large-scale Donkey Farm Sanitation and Epidemic Prevention Technology” Three donkey industry standards, including the Regulations, and two group standards for animal husbandry machinery and equipment, including the Classification of Animal Husbandry Machinery and Equipment, have been submitted for review, and have been promoted and implemented.

   In terms of the solicitation of group standard project proposals, in response to the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, with the purpose of ensuring biosecurity, focusing on the development direction of the agricultural and animal husbandry logistics industry, the Logistics industry group standard project proposals such as”Poultry Transportation Link Specifications”,”Livestock and Poultry Special Vehicle Technical Specifications”,”Livestock and Poultry Transportation Vehicles, Tool Decontamination and Drying Facilities and Equipment” and other logistics industry group standard project proposals, promote the orderly upgrade of the circulation link. In response to the need to standardize the production process of Snow Beef, improve the level of on-site management, and promote the healthy development of high-end beef cattle industrialization, solicit proposals for standard projects of cattle industry groups such as”Hehe F1 Snow Beef Production Technical Regulations”.

  4. Actively organize online conferences and lectures to continue the industry development during special periods.

   Effectively use the media technology of China National Animal Husbandry and Animal Husbandry to hold an online report meeting on China’s livestock industry situation analysis and outlook for the first quarter of 2020. The development situation of the livestock industry such as sheep, rabbits, donkeys, camels, deer, pigeons and fur animals was analyzed and forecasted in the first quarter, and the number of page views reached 133,400. It has successively carried out many professional online conference forums such as the 2020 Feed-free Technology Exchange Conference, the 2020 Pig Industry Summit, and the Cloud Conference on Biologics and Nutritional Immune System Solutions.

   organizes the development of”grass-fed animal products to care for your health”,”key technology to increase female rabbit reproduction rate under the new crown pneumonia situation”,”rabbit disease under the new situation”Integration and application of prevention and control technology”,”How to do well in spring production of mink under the prevention and control of new crown epidemic”,”Physiology of fox digestive tract and digestibility of conventional feed”,”Impact of new crown epidemic on raccoon breeding and breeding management of raccoon dog during breeding period” More than 120 live broadcasts of public welfare such as”Main Epidemics and Prevention of Fur Animals” and 248 live broadcasts of various training seminars and conferences, with a total of 8,165,800 visitors and a total of 192,300 fans.

   5. Cultivate independent brands and guide healthy consumption.

   Carry out the 6th China’s livestock industry advanced enterprises and advanced workers selection and recognition activities. Select companies and workers who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the animal husbandry industry to establish a model image in the industry. A total of 296 companies participated in the selection and 211 workers participated in the evaluation. After qualification review, online voting, and selection by the jury, a total of 100 companies and 50 workers were honorably selected. The organizing committee held a grand award ceremony for them at the commendation ceremony. More than 300 participants from the animal husbandry industry witnessed this glorious moment.

   Carrying out an evaluation activity on a model farm for digital and intelligent transformation of animal husbandry. In order to encourage and guide the digital and intelligent transformation of livestock and poultry breeding enterprises, improve the informatization level of animal husbandry, and promote the rapid and healthy development of modern animal husbandry, carry out the selection of model farms for digital and intelligent transformation of animal husbandry. After careful and thorough research and selection methods, and detailed review of the application materials, 20 transformation model sites and seed engineering application landing model sites were finally selected. Through this selection, the successful experience of digital intelligent transformation, technical models and practical results in the production process are collected. Set an example for the industry to learn from.

   plans to establish a”hot pot beef ingredient elite round table meeting” mechanism. Taking beef raw materials suitable for hot pot dishes as the gathering point, recruiting high-quality beef production and management enterprises across the country, jointly building an equal and dialogue negotiation and exchange platform, focusing on the construction of the hot pot beef production standard system and integrity system, green and healthy beef cattle breeding, and industrial culture In-depth cultivation and promotion, brand cultivation, consumer education and other issues have enabled member companies and national brand beef companies to build consensus, stimulate resonance, and seek win-win results.

   Through the branch’s public WeChat, intensively push pictures and videos of food culture during the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, May Day and other holidays. During the epidemic, live live broadcasts and offline connections will be used to hold livestock products related promotion activities.

  6. Promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and accelerate the development of emerging industries.

   explore data cooperation with information technology companies. It has reached a cooperation agreement with Huawei and Shandong Zhuochuang Information, which will carry out substantive cooperation in technical cooperation, data sharing, expansion projects, information exchange, and event resource sharing.

   has established a cooperative relationship with the International Committee for Animal Records (ICAR) to carry out research on the automatic collection of Chinese beef cattle breeding information, and for the domestic beef cattle standardization production and industrial digitization , Intelligent upgrade provides theoretical and practical support

  7. Promote the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

   form a group to join Liangzhilong? The 8th China Food Ingredients E-commerce Festival; The 11th Shanghai International Catering and Food Ingredients Expo; During the 18th China International Meat Industry Exhibition, the 5th National Meat Industry (Duck Meat Cutting) Vocational Skills Competition of Yike Cup will be held ; During the Animal Expo, the first China Fur Exhibition (2020) was organized.

  4. Maintain industry interests and actively carry out crisis public relations

   Regarding the fact that New Zealand red deer entered the”National List of Livestock and Poultry Heritage Resources” as an introduced species, it caused an uproar in the industry. The leaders of the association attached great importance to it and actively responded with member units. Invite relevant leaders from the Seed Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the National Animal Husbandry Station, and the National Livestock Resources Committee to conduct in-depth investigations in Jilin Dongfeng, Shuangyang, Xinjiang and other places, and hold symposiums to make scientific research on the publication of the Catalogue and the Catalogue Publicize and implement and guide local farmers to use deer to incorporate the favorable policies of animal husbandry, establish a scientific development concept, and promote the rapid and healthy development of the industry with correct industrial development concepts.

  5. Pay close attention to poverty alleviation work and not relax, and win the battle against poverty

   According to the impact of the epidemic and the development of the industry, give full play to the role of the association’s poverty alleviation leading group, do a good job in the top-level design of poverty alleviation, and consolidate work responsibilities. Formulate the association’s 2020 poverty alleviation work plan in time, hold a poverty alleviation work promotion meeting, report on progress, raise problems, and solve and implement the next step. From top to bottom, a poverty alleviation work situation of”leadership by the leading group, led by the responsible department, and participation by all employees” has been formed, with joint collaboration and solid progress to ensure the orderly development of all tasks for poverty alleviation.

   timely understand the difficulties encountered by enterprises, and timely draft a”Letter on the Urgent Need to Solve the Difficulties of Enterprises Undertaking Poverty Alleviation” and mail it to the Office of the Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation and Development of the State Council. Reply clearly.

   helps regional epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, recommends livestock product manufacturers that undertake poverty alleviation tasks to the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and provides domestic large-scale catering companies, military academies, Government canteens, e-commerce platforms, and supermarkets supply livestock products.

  According to the requirements of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, actively participate in the national food and agriculture social organization industrial poverty alleviation docking activities, the association funded the establishment of livestock industry booths, and organized the participation of enterprises with outstanding poverty alleviation work in the livestock industry Poverty alleviation exhibitions will also issue honorary certificates to participating companies to encourage companies to perform outstandingly in poverty alleviation.

  6. Enhance service awareness and serve the new normal of animal husbandry economic development

  1. Compile industry reports and scientifically judge industry development trends. Completed and published”China Pig Industry Development Report (2019)”,”2019 China Poultry Industry Development Report”,”2019 National Beef Cattle Industry Development Annual Report”,”2019 Sheep Industry Development Report”,”Intelligence is the Livestock Industry New Drivers of Transformation and Upgrading”, “2019 China White Feather Meat Duck Industry Survey Report”, “2019 my country’s Live Pig Production Situation and Future Prospects”, and the “Broiler Spot Market Report” and other industry development analysis reports in cooperation with the Dalian Commodity Exchange. Through data and case analysis, scientifically elaborated and analyzed the actual economic development situation of my country’s pig, poultry, beef cattle and sheep industry in 2019 and the opportunities and challenges faced, and evaluated and predicted the development situation of the industry in the recent stage, for the future development of the industry A new perspective is proposed.

  2. Strengthen the construction of information platforms and improve the quality of information services. As of October 31, China Animal Husbandry Information has published 4,969 articles on the Internet, with 2.75 million visits. The total number of followers of the association’s public WeChat service accounts reached 200,000. The public WeChat platform released more than 1,700 articles on animal husbandry related policies, industry trends, new crown epidemic prevention and control, and online and offline conference notices, with a total of more than 3 million readers. Free magazines such as”Animal Husbandry Industry”,”China Poultry Industry Guide”,”China Poultry Industry” and other poultry industry mobile newspapers. It has played an active role in publicizing government policies, regulations, and industry development plans; advancing targeted industrial poverty alleviation; promoting innovative technologies, advanced models, and excellent brands; and in correctly guiding public opinion, popularizing scientific knowledge, and stimulating consumption of livestock products.

  3. Promote the”Reduce the Use of Veterinary Antibacterial Drugs”. Experts were organized to inspect and accept 100 shortlisted breeding farms in 2018 and write acceptance reports, and finally 81 qualified breeding farms were identified.

  4. Maintain the national breeding livestock and poultry license management platform. Maintain the national breeding livestock and poultry license management platform system. Update the background data in accordance with the newly-added areas proposed by the provinces and cities, and the new livestock and poultry varieties. And is responsible for answering questions about some system usage methods.

   5. Daily consulting services. Utilize the professional advantages and industry experience of the secretariat experts to provide consultation and answer questions for daily calls, letters, and visiting members. In 2020, the business departments of the association will provide more than 500 consulting services to the outside world. The consulting services cover members’ project investigations and production technology , Business management, market promotion, cooperation in organizing meetings, etc. Issue necessary recommendation and certification letters for core members. Provide personalized technical and project services according to the requirements of member companies.










  9.推行1+X证书制度试点工作,深化复合型技术技能人才培养培训模式改革。根据国务院印发的《国家职业教育改革实施方案》,协会协助会员企业名将宠美教育科技(北京)有限公司成为教育部职教培训中心的第三批1+X证书制度试点单位,开发《宠物护理与美容职业技能等级证书》和《宠物护理与美容职业技能等级标准》。这是畜牧行业的首张入选证书,给畜牧业人才培养带来了重大机遇。通过行业、院校、企业的共同努力,积极探索中国畜牧行业人才资源的培养新方式,畅通技术技能人才成长通道,提高人才培养质量,服务于实体经济。 7月27日~8月10日在江苏牧院举办了“1+X宠物护理与美容证书”种子师资及考评员培训,参培的教师来自全国43所院校,共计99人。在第十八届(2020)中国畜牧业博览会开幕式上,湖南农业大学、湖南生物机电职业技术学院、湖南环境生物职业技术学院、永州职业技术学院、湖北生物科技职业学院、娄底职业技术学院等6所院校代表与正邦集团、名将宠美就1+X职教新模式助力校企对接促就业“手牵手。肩并肩”举行了合作签约仪式。





  1.大力推进党支部建设。 2020年,协会党支部根据中央和国家机关行业协会商会党的建设工作总要求,深入学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想和党的十九大和十九届二中、三中、四中全会精神,深入学习贯彻习近平总书记在中央和国家机关党的建设工作会议上的重要讲话精神和党中央《关于加强和改进中央和国家机关党的建设的意见》,扎实推进党的政治建设,增强全体党员增强“四个意识”,坚定“四个自信”,做到“两个维护”,突出党的政治建设统领地位,坚定不移加强党对协会的全面领导。通过线上线下相结合的形式,学习领会习近平总书记自疫情发生后在中央两次政治局会议上的讲话、党中央关于坚决打赢疫情防控的人民战争总体战阻击战的决策部署和总体要求、2020年中央一号文件、“两会”精神、政府工作报告等。全面夯实基层党建工作基础,根据党支部的学习制度召开支委会、举办党小组活动,部署标准化党支部建设工作,坚决贯彻落实中央和国家机关行业协会商会党委印发的《关于推动行业协会商会党组织和党员在打赢疫情防控阻击战中充分发挥作用的通知》,学习《共产党宣言》、《中国共产党支部工作条例(试行)》及《中国共产党党和国家机关基层组织工作条例》、《中央和国家机关党员干部应知应会党内法规文件选编》等。组织党员及群众赴韶山及橘子洲头开展“传承红色精神,追寻先辈足迹”及赴中国人民革命军事博物馆参观“纪念中国人民志愿军抗美援朝出国作战70周年主题展览”等党日活动。利用“支部工作”APP开展党员教育管理,规范党费收缴。大力推动廉洁办会,加强党风廉政建设,组织全体党员自学《中国共产党纪律处分条例》,节假日前为认真落实中央八项规定精神,持之以恒正风肃纪,营造风清气正节日氛围,坚决遏制“四风”,并依据中央组织部通知精神。层层压实全面从严治党责任,认真贯彻落实中央办公厅《关于加强社会组织党的建设工作的意见(试行)》,及时研究解决党建工作中出现的新情况新问题,切实抓好整改落实。












  1.坚持做好疫情防控工作。在新冠肺炎疫情防控常态化、非洲猪瘟防控形势依然严峻的形势下,我国养殖业面临“防非瘟”、“防新冠”和“保供给”的多重压力。 2021年,一方面,我们要继续严防死守,做好生物安全防护工作,保护好种猪、种禽场尤其是国家核心育种场生产能力。另一方面,我们要在做好疫病防控基础上尽快扩大生产,有条件的地方恢复生产。同时,我们也将密切关注进口肉类对国内市场冲击,并建议有关部门加强检疫,严防进口肉类带来疫病传入风险。














China Animal Husbandry Association’s work summary in 2020 and work points in 2021image