China and Russia hold video negotiations on import and export food safety issues
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Food Partner Network News The official website of the Russian Federal Veterinary Plant Bureau reported on December 31:On December 30, 2020, the Deputy Director of the Bureau and the Director of the Import and Export Food Safety Bureau of the General Administration of Customs discussed bilateral import and export of food Video negotiations are held on security issues. The Director of the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency participated in this negotiation.

The two parties summarized the results of cooperation in 2020 and spoke highly of the level of cooperation between the two parties in the bilateral trade of animal-derived products and their constructive solutions to problems.
Russia expressed its gratitude to China for opening up the export rights of Russian beef products to China in 2020 and many Russian poultry meat suppliers for obtaining export rights to China.
The two parties also discussed issues related to the unloading of Russian products at Chinese ports. The Chinese side informed certain ports that they should communicate directly with relevant departments in their provinces.

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