Chenzhou City Market Supervision Bureau formulates and implements penalty exemption list to optimize the business environment
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   Recently, the Chenzhou City Market Supervision Bureau formulated the”Chenzhou City Market Supervision Field’s First Minor Violation Exemption List (Trial)” (hereinafter referred to as the”List”), Announce the exemption items to the public in the form of a list, so that market entities can truly feel the”warm enforcement” of the market supervision department.

   The”List” adheres to the principle of law enforcement with both leniency and strictness. For general violations that are not subjectively malicious and have less harmful consequences, they can be timely through administrative supervision measures such as supervision and rectification If it is corrected, it shall not be punished according to law. At the same time, violations of the bottom line of food and drug safety, special equipment safety, product quality and safety, or the deliberate production and operation of counterfeit and inferior goods, as well as serious infringements of consumers’ legitimate rights and interests, or other subjective malicious, Deliberately committing illegal acts such as disrupting the order of the market economy or endangering the lives and health of the people, violations of the”four bottom lines”, subjective maliciousness, serious harmful consequences, and severe social impact should be investigated and punished according to law.

   The first minor violations of laws and regulations in the market supervision field included in the”List” include business registration and filing, e-commerce, product quality, special equipment, food safety, and pharmaceuticals 42 first-time minor violations in 12 market supervision fields including security, shall be exempted from punishment provided that they are corrected in a timely manner without causing harmful consequences.

   The release of the”List” will give more minor violations of legal knowledge in the production and operation of market players, especially start-ups and new businesses. Tolerance will help more market players develop healthily. However,”exemption from punishment” does not mean”exemption from liability.” For minor violations that are not subject to administrative penalties, the market supervision department will not only instruct market entities to make corrections, but also promptly carry out education work to enable them to”know their responsibilities” and”due their responsibilities.” Carry out business activities in accordance with laws and regulations, raise the awareness of administrative counterparts to obey the law, avoid similar violations in the future, realize the unification of legal and social effects, and achieve the”temperature” and”standards” of law enforcement not to be confused, and truly let the”checklist” 》Become a booster for more market entities to stand out from the crowd due to minor violations. (Contribution:Chenzhou City Market Supervision Bureau)