Changzhi City Market Supervision Bureau launches a special inspection of”Food Safety Centralized Rectification Hundred Days Action”
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  According to Shanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration’s”Hundred-Day Action for Centralized Food Safety Remediation” arrangement, in order to further strengthen the safety supervision of food production links, we will do our best to protect the consumer market during the Spring Festival Safe and orderly. Recently, the Changzhi City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau launched a major safety inspection in the food production process. Law enforcement officers went deep into food production enterprises in their jurisdictions, carried out law enforcement inspections focusing on cold chain food cold storage, food, medicines, and special equipment, and took multiple measures to comprehensively investigate food safety risks in the food production field. In accordance with the cold chain food prevention and control requirements, law enforcement inspections focus on fresh and frozen livestock and poultry meat and aquatic products, and focus on the storage conditions, product quality, label identification, food sources, inspection and quarantine certificates, etc. of cold chain food, supervision and requirements Operators establish purchase ledgers and sales ledgers, strictly fulfill the obligations of purchase inspection and certificate requesting invoices, strictly inspect foods that do not purchase, process, or operate without traceability certificates and whose source is unknown, and fully implement the main responsibility for food safety and epidemic prevention Responsibility of the controlling subject. At the same time, law enforcement officers checked the registration status, regular inspection status, and maintenance status of special equipment such as elevators, freight elevators, pressure pipelines, pressure vessels and other special equipment users, and comprehensively investigated the safety hazards of special equipment. In addition, law enforcement officers also conduct special inspections on pharmaceutical retail units, and conduct detailed inspections on prescription drug sales, implementation of the on-the-job system of resident pharmacists, and purchase and sales records of Chinese herbal medicines.