Changsha Municipal Market Supervision Bureau held a 2021 food production safety supervision work deployment meeting
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   In order to better promote the food production safety supervision work, on January 4, 2021, the Food Production Safety Supervision Division of the Changsha Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will hold an office meeting. Party member and deputy director Jin Lei attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

   The meeting comprehensively summarized the overall situation of food production supervision in 2020, sorted out the work ideas for 2021, and deployed specific work before the Spring Festival. In 2021, food production supervision will pay close attention to daily supervision, special rectification, unannounced inspections,”double random, one open” effectiveness, and focus on the improvement of the standard and quality of small food workshops and the promotion of the information traceability system of food production enterprises. Work development ideas and steps, development forms, work measures and requirements were discussed in depth. ? ?

   Jin Lei pointed out in the subsequent concluding speech that one is to attach great importance to food safety. Create work goals around national food safety demonstration cities, firmly establish risk awareness, and ensure food safety for the people. The second is to pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities. On the one hand, we must pay close attention to the implementation of the main responsibility for food safety of enterprises, on the other hand, the implementation of territorial supervision responsibilities; third, we must strengthen training, pay attention to the improvement of the ability of supervisors, and carry out training and learning based on actual organization to further improve the abilities and quality of cadres. The fourth is to ensure the effectiveness of supervision. It is necessary to highlight key points, solve difficulties, promptly supervise and rectify problems when problems are discovered, and ensure the effectiveness of daily supervision and special rectification work.