Changde Linli County Market Supervision Bureau takes multiple measures to help the development of traditional specialty food industry
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  Changde Linli County has a tradition of processing soybean products such as tofu and Qianzhang, and the processed products are also home-cooked dishes that people like. However, problems such as small production scale, poor production conditions, low-quality employees, and unlicensed operations have been plagued by the development of the industry. In recent years, the Linli County Market Supervision Bureau has integrated small food processing workshops, small catering and food vendors to comprehensively manage people’s livelihoods, and has taken multiple measures to promote the upgrading and upgrading of traditional food workshops such as soy products to help the development of the industry.

   One is to strengthen education and guidance. Through centralized training and individual interviews, increase publicity and education of soy product processing workshops, enhance the awareness of main responsibility of producers and operators, and guide them to actively increase necessary investment, improve production and operation conditions, rationally plan technological processes, and improve food safety management System in order to meet the certification requirements more reasonably, quickly and effectively.

   The second is to strengthen standard guidance. Combining the key issues and hidden dangers in the daily supervision of small food workshops, the Linli County Market Supervision Bureau has produced 8 food safety and quality warning slogans, which are placed in eye-catching positions at the key control points of each process in the production and processing process to remind and warn at all times The employees in the small workshops abide by the food production and processing operating specifications, thereby ensuring the quality and safety of the processed food.

   The third is to strengthen the supervision of rectification. For unlicensed soy products processing workshops that are poor in the production environment and have no intention to reform, or do not conform to the industry layout policy, the Linli County Market Supervision Bureau has stepped up investigations and bans to standardize normal production and operation order. In 2020, the Linli County Market Supervision Bureau banned 3 unlicensed soy product workshops located in residential areas in Anfu Street.

  Through standardization and rectification, the county’s soybean products, a traditional characteristic industry, has been greatly improved. At present, a total of 1 soybean product manufacturer and 18 small soybean product processing workshops have obtained food production (processing) licenses in the county.