Bulgarian local vegetables are sold in less quantity and higher prices
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   News from the Economic Research Center of Bulgarian Agricultural College on January 11. Locally produced vegetables in Bulgaria are sold in smaller quantities and have higher prices. According to the center’s survey, in 2020, the country’s vegetable production will drop by 17%compared with 2019. Tomatoes are one of the most severely affected crops, and tomato production has fallen by as much as 30%year-on-year. At the same time, the overall price of vegetables increased by about 10%year-on-year. Experts analyzed that guaranteeing vegetable production is highly dependent on government subsidies. If the subsidy increases by 5%, the vegetable planting area may increase by 4%to 44,000 hectares from 2021-2027; if the subsidy increases by 15%, the vegetable planting area may reach 50,000 Hectares.