British”The Economist”:Chilean wine has become the favorite of Chinese consumers
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   Recently, an article published in the well-known British magazine”The Economist” evaluated Chile as a”world wine country” and pointed out that Chilean wine has become the favorite of Chinese consumers.

   Chilean radio station”Bío-Bío” reported that, according to the information provided by The Economist, since the signing of the Free Trade Agreement between Chile and China in 2006, Chile’s annual total wine exports to China have soared from the initial US$5 million To 250 million U.S. dollars in 2019; while the average price per case of Chilean wine exported to China is 33.11 U.S. dollars.
  The article pointed out that Chilean brand wines with special packaging will be particularly favored by Chinese consumers.
  Data shows that from January to November 2020, Chilean bulk wine exports totaled 320.9 million liters, and the total export volume reached 265.2 million US dollars. Among them, the United States, Britain and China are its main export destinations.
   On the other hand, Chile is blessed with natural conditions, and its vineyards are hardly affected by pests. This is also one of the favorable conditions for Chile to become the world’s largest non-European wine exporter.