Brazil exports 1.02 million tons of pork in 2020, a record high
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   On January 5, the latest statistics of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) showed that Brazil’s pork exports in 2020 reached 1.021 million tons, a record high, with an amount of US$2.27 billion, an increase of 36.1%and 42.2%respectively. Earlier last month, the association predicted that the total pork export volume in 2020 will exceed the one million tons mark, and that it will continue to maintain a strong export momentum in 2021, but the impact of African swine fever in China is gradually diminishing, and local anti-epidemic expenditures continue Expansion puts certain pressure on expanding exports.

  In a single month in December, 80,300 tons of Brazilian pork were exported, with a value of 191.2 million US dollars, an increase of 5.6%and 4.1%year-on-year respectively. This result once again shows that despite the impact of the epidemic, the demand for Brazilian commodities in the international market is still growing steadily.
  The data also showed that Brazil’s chicken exports in 2020 were 4.23 million tons, an increase of only 0.4%year-on-year, and the amount was US$6.123 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 12.5%. In December, chicken meat exports were 380,800 tons, valued at 579.6 million US dollars, down 2.8%and 8.9%year-on-year respectively.
  Association Chairman Ricardo said that last year was a challenging year, but pork exports broke records, chicken exports maintained steady growth, and the association’s industry export results were in line with expectations, proving the good performance of Brazilian products in the international market. I believe With the gradual recovery of the global economy this year, Brazil’s meat export market will further stabilize and improve.