Bozhou City played a”combined boxing” to promote the in-depth cleanup and remediation of the health food industry
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   Bozhou City has played a”combined punch” to promote the in-depth development of special clean-up and rectification actions in the health food industry.

   plan ahead and enrich the plan. Combining the actual situation of the previous clean-up and rectification work, the clean-up and rectification action plan was further enriched, and the focus of the clean-up and rectification work and the responsibilities of each responsible unit were clarified.

  Clear tasks and highlight key points. Adhere to the principle of”treatment of both the symptoms and the root cause and focus on the root cause”. The first is to severely investigate and punish the actions of not obtaining product registration certificates or filing certificates, and producing and operating health food without permission; the second is to severely investigate and punish the illegal addition of non-edible substances (drugs) to health foods, and the production of counterfeit and inferior health foods; The third is to severely investigate and punish the illegal acts of publishing health food advertisements without review and publishing false health food advertisements; the fourth is to severely investigate and punish fraudulent sales of health care through pyramid schemes, illegal direct sales, and the use of the Internet, radio and television, conference marketing, health consultation, and telephone marketing. Food behavior; Fifth, strictly investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations for on-site sales of health food outside of the licensed business premises, and operators who have not set up special areas (counters) to sell health food.

   take multiple measures simultaneously to strive for practical results. The first is to investigate the home. The city’s nearly 2,000 health food business operators have full coverage without blind spot supervision; the second is to supervise the health food business operators to set up a”health food sales area (or counter)”. For those that do not have a “health food sales area (or counter), they will be rectified within the specified time; the third is to combine the problems found in daily supervision work and consumer complaints and reports to increase supervision and random inspections and investigation and punishment of illegal acts; It is to supervise producers and operators to carry out self-inspection. Strictly implement the main responsibility for health food safety and quality, conduct comprehensive self-inspection of the quality management system twice a year, and submit self-inspection reports.

   is well organized and implemented effectively. Six departments, including the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, are problem-oriented, focusing on food wholesale markets, rural markets, large supermarkets, specialty stores, maternal and child stores, pharmacies and health food manufacturers, and require health food production Operators must implement purchase inspection requirements to ensure that the source of raw materials is regular and the quality is reliable. At the same time, in response to the people’s concerns and complaints and reports are more concentrated, in-depth special clean-up and rectification actions have been carried out. Through the combination of inferiority and supporting the superior, the quality and safety of health food in the city will be further improved.