Bosnia and Herzegovina’s agricultural and food exports increase by 5.23%year-on-year in the first nine months of 2020
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   The Independent reported that data from the Chamber of Foreign Trade of Bosnia and Herzegovina showed that the agricultural and food industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina achieved exports of 648 million marks in the first nine months of 2020, an increase of 5.23%year-on-year, and imports of 2.267 billion marks, a decrease of 4.71%year-on-year. The deficit reached 1.619 billion marks. The most important export trading partner is the European Union, accounting for 40%, followed by CEFTA countries, accounting for 36%, and Turkey ranking third with 14%. The most important import trading partner is the European Union, which accounts for about 62%, followed by CEFTA countries with about 31%, and Turkey with about 3%. In the total trade volume between Bosnia and Herzegovina during the same period, agricultural products and food accounted for about 18%of total imports, and agricultural products accounted for about 8%of total exports.