Beware of drinking this kind of liquor!
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   Nowadays, many people in the market are keen on DIY self-made wine, feel that the white wine made by someone else is more fragrant! It tastes better! So I brought the materials I bought to the”small workshop” for processing! But is this kind of wine really good? Recently, a liquor processing site in Nanfeng Town was investigated for suspected unlicensed production.

   Recently, ZhangjiagangThe Municipal Market Supervision Administration received a report from the masses——“Nanfeng Liquor was produced illegally in a house in the village!” After receiving the clues, law enforcement officers rushed to the scene to conduct law enforcement inspections.

   When law enforcement officers arrived at the site, they found that the door to the 100-square-meter house was closed, and there were simple processing equipment, some fermented vinasse tanks, and semi-finished wine Cylinder and finished wine packaged without any label.

   According to preliminary investigations, the operator of the liquor processing site is not the owner of the house, and the processing site is a self-built house leased by the villagers.

   After verification, the liquor processing site has not obtained a food production license and is suspected of producing without a license. Law enforcement officers seized production sites in accordance with the law, seized wine-making raw materials, semi-finished wine, finished wine and production equipment, and conducted sampling inspections on the finished wine.

  Party: My wine is made from pure grains, and many people ask me to process it. Is there any problem?

   Law enforcement officer:Boss, you are suspected of unlicensed production here, production and processing environmental sanitation is not up to standard, and the brewed wine enters the market without factory inspection , The quality is difficult to guarantee, and there are great hidden dangers in food safety.  

   remind everyone, the traditional craft liquor made from pure grain is not necessarily good!

  liquid knowledge

  The country has strict standards for the production of liquor. If it is not produced in accordance with the standards, some substances in liquor may exceed the standards, which is very harmful to the health. .

   For example, the furfural in white wine is mainly derived from wine-making raw materials such as chaff and bran. Due to the high boiling point of furfural, it is not easy to escape during distillation. Only the wine head is removed. , Wine tails, in order to reduce the furfural content of the wine itself to remove or reduce the harm to the human body. The toxicity of furfural is equivalent to 83 times that of ethanol, and its toxicity is second only to that of formaldehyde. The clinical symptoms include burning sensation, dizziness, and loss of consciousness.

  Warm tips

   Spring Festival is approaching, and bulk liquor has also entered the peak consumption season. The editor reminds the citizens of Hong Kong:When buying or drinking bulk liquor, check whether the bulk liquor container is marked with the name, factory name, factory address, and production date. At the same time, ask for invoices and other purchase documents to avoid buying fake bulk liquor. .

  法条 link

  ”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China”

   Article 35

   The country implements a licensing system for food production and operation. To engage in food production, food sales, and catering services, a license shall be obtained according to law. However, the sale of edible agricultural products does not require a license.

   Article 122

   violates the provisions of this law by engaging in food production and business activities without a food production and business license, or engaging in food additive production activities without a food additive production license, the county level The food safety supervision and administration department of the above people’s government confiscated illegal income and illegal production and operation of food, food additives, and tools, equipment, raw materials and other items used in illegal production and operation; the value of illegal production and operation of food and food additives is less than 10,000 yuan If the value of the goods is more than 50,000 yuan and less than 100,000 yuan, a fine of more than ten times and less than twenty times the value of the goods shall be imposed.

  ”Food Production License Management Measures”

  Second Article

   In the People’s Republic of China, those engaged in food production activities shall obtain a food production license in accordance with the law.