Beijing issued 91 local standards involving multiple food and related standards
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   Recently, in order to promote the construction of the capital’s high-quality development standard system, Beijing has issued 91 local standards. Among them, 54 standards were formulated for the first time and 37 revised standards; according to the areas involved, there are 25 resource conservation and utilization standards, 19 urban management and public service standards, 13 agricultural standards, 7 service industry standards, and 7 environmental protection standards. , 7 engineering construction standards, 3 sanitation standards, 1 public safety standard, 1 informatization standard, 1 industrial standard, 7 other standards.

  Support reduction development

This year, the municipal government approved the”Beijing One Hundred Water-saving Standards and Standards Improvement Project Implementation Plan (2020-2023)”. It is planned that by the end of 2023, it will be formed to cover the city’s life service, industry, construction, agriculture and other fields and all water links. Water-saving standard system. Issue 20 water-saving standards, including 7″Water Quota” series of standards, 6″Water-saving Evaluation Standards” series of standards, and”Industrial Wastewater Reuse Project Operation Management Specifications”, which is conducive to standardizing water management in related industries , Improve the city’s water efficiency, promote the construction of a water-saving society, and promote the city’s green development.

  Support the implementation of rural revitalization strategy< /div>

   issued the”Regulations for Biosafety of Pig Breeding Farms”, which regulates the basic requirements for biological safety of pig breeding farms and the construction of biosafety control areas, and requires pig breeding farms to implement Biosafety zoning management, and the construction of corresponding levels of epidemic prevention barriers in each control area, and implement zoning isolation and classification standards for production areas, incoming vehicles, incoming goods, personnel, materials, pig delivery stations, pig delivery transfer stations, pigs, etc. Differentiated management such as entry and traffic separation is of great significance to the construction of a biosafety system for newly renovated and expanded pig farms, the prevention and control of major pig diseases, and the restoration and protection of pig production capacity.

  Support food safety management and quality improvement

   publishes the”Guidelines for the Quality Improvement of Food Production Enterprises”, which will play the standard and leading role of the standard in the food safety governance system and stipulate the production of food and food additives The basic elements and technical requirements for the improvement of enterprise quality, guide enterprises to establish food quality and safety management systems, implement their main responsibility for food safety, guide enterprises to develop food quality and safety culture, actively improve food safety risk management and control capabilities, and promote high-quality development of the food manufacturing industry It is a specific measure to implement the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to strengthen food safety and high-quality development.

   publishes the”Regulations for the Layout of Catering Service Units’ Catering Service Places”, which stipulates the overall requirements for catering service establishments, regional divisions, food processing area layout, and dining The requirements for district layout and auxiliary district layout will help guide catering service units to rationally lay out catering service places and improve the safety of food processing.

   publishes the”Regulations on the Use of Catering Appliances in Catering Service Units”, which regulates the inspection, use, cleaning and disinfection, storage, maintenance and disposal of Catering Service Units The behavior requires the tableware to be kept clean, so that one person, one use and one disinfection, should not take the initiative to provide disposable tableware, etc., which is conducive to the realization of the organic unity of the standard management of practitioners, the law enforcement norms of law enforcement personnel and the protection of consumer rights.

   publishes the”Regulations on Health Management of Employees in Catering Service Units”, which regulates the health and hygiene requirements of employees in catering service units before and during their employment. The situation where practitioners need to wear masks and wash or disinfect their hands will help provide technical support for food safety management of catering service units, strengthen health management of catering practitioners, and provide a strong guarantee for consumers’ food safety.