Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy and Jiangnan University signed a strategic cooperation agreement
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   On January 8, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd. and Jiangnan University was held in Wuxi. Party Committee Member and Deputy General Manager of Beidahuang Agricultural Reclamation Group Co., Ltd., Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Gui of Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd., and Zhang Guangsheng, Assistant President of Jiangnan University, attended the signing ceremony. Wang Li, deputy general manager of Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangnan University and the team of professors on behalf of Wandashan. Liu Long, Dean of Industrial Research Institute of Jiangnan University, and Liu Yuanfa, Dean of Food College, attended the signing ceremony.
  In this strategic cooperation, Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy will establish a collaborative innovation laboratory with Jiangnan University. The laboratory will focus on the food discipline of Jiangnan University, integrate the advantages of schools and enterprises, and carry out a full range of long-term research cooperation in the fields of China’s breast milk research, milk fat deep processing and functional lipid development.
  Wang Gui said in his speech that Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy always insists on driving enterprise development with technological innovation, and hopes to use this contract to further establish a comprehensive and multi-dimensional strategic partnership with Jiangnan University. In the future, Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation with Jiangnan University in forward-looking technology research, key industry common technology research, strategic target product development, and high-level talent introduction and training to achieve a win-win situation for schools and enterprises.
  Zhang Guangsheng stated in his speech that Jiangnan University is directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education, a key construction university of the national”211 Project” and a first-class discipline construction university. The school’s food science and engineering major was selected into the list of”double first-class” construction disciplines. In the world-class discipline rankings of Shanghai Science and Technology, the school’s food science and engineering majors continue to rank first in the world. This time, we have established a cooperative relationship with Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy Industry to jointly carry out high-level academic cooperation. On the one hand, it provides scientific theoretical basis and technical guidance for the development of”Wandashan” series of products. On the other hand, it will carry out cooperative research on key projects. , To help universities and enterprises to cultivate and exchange talents, and jointly promote the innovation and development of health science and technology.