Baotou Market Supervision Bureau held a city-wide cold chain food retrospective management promotion meeting
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   In order to implement the requirements of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau on the prevention and control of the autumn and winter epidemics, the retrospective management of imported cold chain food, and the supervision and deployment requirements, we will do a good job in the normalized epidemic prevention and control of”external defense input, internal prevention rebound”, highlighting strengthening The prevention and control measures in key links and key areas will give full play to the traceability function of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region’s Imported Cold Chain Food Traceability System (“Mongolia Cold Chain”) to strictly prevent the risk of the new crown pneumonia epidemic through the import of cold chain food. Recently, the Baotou City Market Supervision Bureau organized The city-wide cold chain food traceability management promotion meeting was held. More than 120 people from the Municipal Bureau, the market supervision bureaus of various banners, counties, and districts in charge, heads of related departments, and representatives of food production and operation enterprises in the city attended the training meeting.
   The meeting first conveyed the relevant requirements of the Autonomous Region Bureau on the application of the”Mongolian Cold Chain” platform to the banners, counties, and district bureaus and market entities, and made specific deployments for the specific applications of the enterprise:First, the banners, counties, and district bureaus were required to further understand The basic number of cold chain food production and operation entities in the jurisdiction, urge all relevant units or individuals engaged in importing frozen and refrigerated livestock and poultry meat products and their by-products, aquatic product import trade, storage and distribution, production and processing, wholesale and retail, catering services, etc. to complete the deadline registered. The second is to require all market entities to fully understand the current severe and complex situation of epidemic prevention and control, proactively implement the main responsibilities of food safety and epidemic prevention and control, and use the opportunity of the application of the”Mongolian Cold Chain” food traceability platform to improve their management level and capabilities. Fully realize the basic work goal of”retrievable source and traceable” of imported cold chain food, and explore the implementation of traceability management experience for food other than imported cold chain food.
   At the meeting, the platform technicians explained the use of the”Mongolian Cold Chain” food traceability platform, and demonstrated on-site application operations such as user registration, product filing, product code assignment, and warehouse management on the enterprise side of the platform. And enterprise representatives made professional answers to the problems encountered during the demonstration operation.
   After the meeting, the staff of the Food Circulation Section of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau led platform technicians to go deep into some operating cold storages, gave detailed explanations of platform applications and actual operations, and hand-in-hand instructed companies to use the platform to register and upload cold chain food related information, Finished product code assignment and other operations, and answered the questions in the input. After the meeting, the county and district bureaus held training courses on the application of the Mongolian cold chain traceability platform according to the actual situation to promote the practical application of the Mongolian cold chain traceability platform, and further ensure that the source of imported cold chain food can be traced, whereabouts can be traced, and quality controllable Control the whole process of operation.