Announcement of the Bozhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration on Announcement of the 62nd Food Safety Supervision Sampling Information in 2020
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   Recently, Bozhou City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau organized and carried out provincial-level food safety follow-up random inspections. A total of 9 batches of food and edible agricultural products were sampled this time, of which 8 batches were qualified and 1 batch was unqualified. The unqualified samples are related to chlorpyrifos indicators.

  1. Specific information of unqualified samples:
   The celery (edible agricultural product) sampled at Suguo Supermarket (Anhui) Co., Ltd. Bozhou Branch did not meet the food safety standards for chlorpyrifos indicators.
   2. Disposal situation:
   For the unqualified products found in the above-mentioned random inspections, the Bozhou City Market Supervision Administration has instructed the Qiaocheng District Market Supervision Department to deal with the production and business units according to law.
   hereby announce.