Announcement of Shanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration on Strengthening the Management of Imported Cold Chain Food
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   In order to strictly implement the requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government for the current epidemic prevention and control work, and resolutely prevent the risk of importing the new crown virus through imported cold chain food, we will further strengthen the management of imported cold chain food The relevant matters are announced as follows.
   1. All imported cold chain foods that enter our province shall strictly implement the general warehouse management system. Before storage, sales, and processing, they must enter the centralized supervision warehouses of each city for nucleic acid Sampling testing and outer packaging disinfection, etc., can be sold and used only after obtaining relevant delivery certificates. Food production and business units that have not obtained relevant delivery certificates for sales and use will be strictly investigated and punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and incorporated into the national enterprise credit information publicity system.
   2. Operators in all aspects of food production, circulation, and catering in the province should strictly abide by the regulations on the management of imported cold chain food warehouses, and resolutely put an end to the purchase and use of unobtained total Imported cold chain food certified by warehouse delivery.
   Third, when consumers buy imported cold chain food, they should carefully check whether the food sold by the operator holds the general warehouse outbound QR code and other relevant certificates. Do not purchase imported cold chain food without the above certification. It is not recommended to use online shopping to buy imported cold chain food.
   hereby announces.
  Shanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration
   January 7, 2021