Announcement of Qingyuan City Market Supervision Administration on Food Safety Supervision and Sampling Information for the 33rd Phase of 2020 (Production Link Tasks)
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  According to the 2020 food safety sampling plan of Qingyuan City, in the near future, Qingyuan City Market Supervision Administration organized sampling inspections of starch and starch products, tea and related products, vegetable products, soy products, pastries, aquatic products, processed food products, and cocoa And roasted coffee products, canned food, meat products, dairy products, fresh milk, quick-frozen food, beverages, health food and other 14 types of food 77 batches of samples, of which 76 batches are qualified and 1 batch is unqualified. The inspection items are shown in Annex 1. According to national food safety standards, if individual items are unqualified, their products are judged as unqualified products. The specific notice is as follows:
   1. Overall situation:7 batches of starch and starch products, 5 batches of tea and related products, 4 batches of vegetable products, 8 batches of soy products, 3 batches of pastries, 1 batch of aquatic products, processed food products 4 batches, 1 batch of cocoa and roasted coffee products, 6 batches of canned food, 21 batches of meat products, 7 batches of dairy products, 2 batches of fresh milk, 1 batch of frozen food, 5 batches of beverages, and health food All 1 batch is qualified. One batch of tea and related products failed.
   2. Subsequent product situation:The”Wangdong Jiang Jie” substitute tea (ginger powder) produced and processed on October 21, 2020 by the Xiaohuang Ginger Planting Cooperative in Changguo Wangdong, Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County, with sulfur dioxide residues non-compliant. Qingyuan City Market Supervision Administration requires relevant county (city, district) market supervision departments to verify and deal with products and production units in accordance with the law.
   Food safety consumption reminder:Qingyuan City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau reminds you that you should buy the food you need in a formal and reliable channel and keep the corresponding shopping voucher. You must read the relevant signs on the outer packaging, such as production date, shelf life, and producer name And address, ingredient or ingredient list, food additives, food production license number and other identifications are complete; do not buy products without factory name, factory address, production date and shelf life, do not buy products beyond the shelf life; do not buy published unqualified products . Consumers are welcome to actively participate in food safety supervision work and pay attention to the announcement of food sampling inspection information. If you find food that harms the public and its illegal activities, please call 12345 for reporting and complaints.
   hereby announce.
   Qingyuan City Market Supervision Administration
   December 31, 2020