Announcement of Huangshi City Market Supervision Administration on the inspection and disposal of foods that do not meet national food safety standards in Yangfeng Supermarket in the Development Zone
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  The inspection and disposal of the unqualified report of the Yangfeng Supermarket in the Development Zone by the Bureau has been completed. The announcement of the verification and disposal is as follows:
  1. On November 16, 2020, Guangzhou Inspection, Testing and Certification Group Co., Ltd. was entrusted to sell Sansho-flavored chicken feet (trademark:Huiliyuan) to Yangfeng Supermarket in Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as the parties) (trademark:Huiliyuan, manufacturer:Chongqing Hui Yue Food Co., Ltd., production date:2020-09-04, specification:180 g/pack) supervision and sampling inspection (NO:XC20420205606400112), after inspection, the total number of colonies in this batch of Sansho-flavored chicken feet exceeds the standard, and the inspection result is unqualified. On December 18, 2020, the law enforcement officers of our bureau delivered an inspection report to the parties in accordance with the law. The parties had no objection to the inspection process and results of the inspection report, and did not apply for re-inspection (objection) within the prescribed time limit. Our bureau immediately started the verification and disposal work. It is now found that this batch of Sansho-flavored chicken feet was purchased by the party concerned from Shengda Foods in Xisaishan District. The purchase quantity was 10 packs, the purchase price was 7.5 yuan/pack, the sales price was 9 yuan/pack, and the sales amount was 90 yuan. By the time the inspection report was delivered, the batch of chicken feet had been sold.
   2. The party’s act of selling substandard food violated Article 34 (13) of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China. In view of the fact that the parties have provided the supplier’s business license, food business license, purchase receipts, product inspection reports and other materials, fulfilled the purchase inspection obligations stipulated by law, there is sufficient evidence to prove that they do not know that the purchased food does not meet the food safety standards, It can truthfully explain the source of its purchases, and in accordance with Article 17 of the”Interim Regulations on Administrative Punishment Procedures for Market Supervision and Administration”, the parties will not be filed.
   3. After receiving the unqualified inspection report, the parties concerned shall promptly release the recall notice of unqualified edible agricultural products, strengthen the study of food safety laws and regulations, and strengthen the inspection of food safety purchases.
   hereby announces.
   Huangshi City Market Supervision Administration
   January 5, 2021