Anhui Food Industry Association issued the Spring Festival food consumption guidance (No. 1):”Daily Nuts”
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  【Foreword】In order to ensure food safety and maintain a normal competitive environment, the Anhui Food Industry Association has recently conducted in-depth research on foods that are consumed during the Spring Festival:liquor, nuts, vermicelli, quick-frozen dumplings, sesame oil, cooked beef, etc. After the investigation, relevant consumer guidance has been released one after another.
  Chinese New Year Food Consumption Guide”Daily Nuts”
  ”Daily Nuts” has become a major casual snack for hospitality at home. Brands such as Qiaqia and Three Squirrels have detonated the nut market. The market size of”Daily Nuts” has exceeded tens of billions, but it has also caused hundreds of domestic companies to rush into the market. Due to the different quality and price The big difference is that the price of domestic brand products is around 200 yuan/kg (based on the total weight), but it is also found that the price on some e-commerce platforms is even as low as 33 yuan/kg.
  How to distinguish the pros and cons of products? How is the low price”Daily Nut” made? Wang Chunlin, the quality director of Qiaqia shares, analyzes this:First of all,”Daily Nuts” are currently set by the company’s own standards, resulting in a large difference in the category, proportion and quality of nuts. In the standard of”Daily Nuts”, nuts account for Over 60%(walnuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, also known as the world’s four major nut varieties), dried fruit is mainly imported materials, such as cranberries, blueberries, blackcurrant raisins, etc., so the cost is higher.
  The main reasons for low-priced products on the market are:
   First, there are more low-priced products in the packaging, which reduces the total cost, such as peanuts, beans, melon seeds, etc. instead of high-value nuts such as hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc.;
   The second is the production area of ​​raw materials mixed with shoddy. For example, the main producing areas with better nut kernels are American almonds, Turkish hazelnuts, Xinjiang walnuts, and Vietnamese cashews. The main producing areas with better dried fruits are:Chilean blueberries, Canadian cranberries, Uzbekistan blackcurrant raisins, etc. The cost of raw materials from other producing areas is naturally low;
   The third is the use of low-quality raw materials, such as those with mild mildew, long storage time (such as storage for more than 2 years), and dark color;
  Fourth is because many companies simply mixed packaging (even manual packaging), without sorting and sterilization, there are potential safety hazards, such as unqualified microbiological indicators, nuts smelling bad after opening the package, and products sticking to connecting blocks.
   In addition, for nuts that are scattered on the market, due to long-term exposure to the air, consumers directly touch with their hands and other factors, in addition to the above problems, there are also easy to oxidize and fail, microbial contamination, and weak nut kernels, which lead to poor taste. Good and other issues.
   Therefore, consumers are reminded that when purchasing”Daily Nuts”, you should not only look at the price, but also the brand, the content of the nut, and the perception. It is necessary to carefully compare products whose prices are significantly lower than the industry average.