Achieve landmark results in agricultural technology innovation and application
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   News from this website Since 2020, the national agricultural science and education system has vigorously promoted agricultural science and technology innovation and application of achievements, and has achieved a large number of landmark achievements. The contribution rate of agricultural science and technology progress has exceeded 60%, and the number of high-quality farmers has reached 17 million People play an important role in supporting and leading agricultural and rural development.
  Continue to accelerate the construction of industry-university-research integration platform. Promote the integration of technology and regional economy, and start the construction of 5 modern agricultural industry technology innovation centers. There are currently 314 high-level scientific research teams, 264 high-tech enterprises, and 34 high-quality funds settled in the center. The”Agricultural Silicon Valley” and the regional economic growth pole Initially formed. Promoting the integration of technology and enterprises, a number of national agricultural science and technology innovation alliances integrating production, education and research have been created, and 14 innovation alliances have been substantively operated. Promote the integration of technology and county industries, focus on selecting 100 demonstration counties, and strengthen the centralized demonstration, training, promotion and application of system results within the county, and create a”one county, one industry” technology leading demonstration model.
   Effectively improve independent innovation capabilities. The rapid improvement of original innovation capabilities and the internationally leading rice genomics research created a precedent for the transformation of rice research from a traditional genetic map to a whole genome level; the discovery of the law of purification and mutation of avian influenza virus provides a scientific basis for blocking human infection . The key technical bottleneck has been continuously broken through, and several new super rice varieties with a yield of more than 1,000 kg per mu have been selected and bred, with an average annual promotion area of ​​more than 130 million mu; and a professional detection sensor for agricultural machinery operations and a series of operation supervision terminals have been developed. The basic long-term scientific and technological work of agriculture has been promoted steadily, with 11 data centers as the”tower spires”, 100 national agricultural scientific observation and experimental stations as the”backbone”, and 40,000 agricultural ecological environment national control monitoring points as the”tower base”.”Pyramid” work structure, carry out scientific observation and monitoring, and provide basic data support for agricultural scientific and technological innovation and macro decision-making.
  Continuously strengthen the demonstration and promotion of advanced technology. Build a multi-level agricultural technology demonstration and display platform, and build 110 national modern agricultural technology demonstration and display bases. Focusing on the development of scientific and technological service needs of advantageous and characteristic industries, 5,000 agricultural science and technology demonstration bases have been built in more than 2,300 agricultural counties across the country, and 400,000 agricultural science and technology demonstration entities have been selected to drive the production level of small farmers through point-to-face demonstrations. Carry out multi-level advanced and applicable technology integration demonstrations, and select and release 10 leading technologies including side-depth fertilization of rice. Implementing major technology collaboration promotion plans, organizing eight provinces including Jilin and Inner Mongolia to build a”province, city and county level” coordination mechanism between top and bottom and”a six-party main body for government, industry, university, research and research”, covering 43 industries and gathering more than 2,100 scientific and technological talents , Demonstrate and promote more than 130 major technologies. Organize more than 2,300 agricultural counties across the country to build a chain extension service model of”experts + agricultural technicians + demonstration base + demonstration main body + small farmers”, and accelerate the promotion of main technology into villages and households to enterprises. Intensify the implementation of the special appointment plan for agricultural technology promotion, standardize and strictly select more than 4,200 special agricultural technicians with high professional level and strong service ability to serve the front line of poverty alleviation.
   Promote the cultivation of high-quality farmers, improve quality and efficiency. Accelerate the cultivation of high-quality farmers, implement the main body leader training action, and train 194,000 people; implement the return to the countryside to cultivate innovative entrepreneurs and train 15,000 people; implement the professional breeding and expert training actions, and train 123,000 people. Jointly with the Ministry of Education to expand higher vocational enrollment to cultivate high-quality farmers, build 100 high-quality schools for talent training, and explore the establishment of a new talent training system that connects short-term skills training, vocational skills training and academic education. Strengthen the follow-up support services, promote financial guarantee training with the National Agricultural Cooperative, and cooperate with China Postal Savings Bank to promote the connection of training and guaranteed loans, and solve the bottleneck problems that restrict farmers’ development of industries such as difficulty in loans.