A Vietnamese merchant fined for selling substandard food
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Food Partner Network News According to a Vietnamese media report:On December 12, 2020, the Vietnamese Thanh Hoa Market Supervision Inspection Team and other relevant agencies jointly enforced the law and seized a large number of illegal food products.

It is reported that during a food safety inspection of a business residence in Thanh Hoa Province and Hoang Hoa County, law enforcement officers found 220 kg of pork floss, 360 kg of rice paper, 240 kg of cold rice paper, 125 liters of mixed sauce and 6920 kg of dried meat. The value of the consignment amounted to approximately 576 million VND (about 170,000 yuan).

The inspector stated that the driver was unable to present product-related documents during the inspection, including cargo invoices and inspection and quarantine certificates for animal-derived foods.

At present, the above-mentioned substandard products have been confiscated and destroyed in accordance with the law. At the same time, relevant agencies have decided to impose a fine of 425 million VND (approximately RMB 120,000) on the above illegal acts of the merchant.

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