88%of imported cold chain food producers and operators in Qingshan District, Baotou City have entered the”Mongolian Cold Chain” traceability platform
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   In order to strictly implement the entire chain of cold chain food control, comprehensively carry out normalized epidemic prevention and control and food safety supervision, and accelerate the promotion of the retrospective management of imported cold chain food, Baotou The Municipal Qingshan District Market Supervision Bureau adopts the model of “centralized training + one-to-one guidance + online interaction” to guide and urge food production enterprises, shopping malls, supermarkets, farmer’s markets, catering companies and other food production and operation entities in the jurisdiction as well as third-party cold storage to quickly settle in the “Mongolia””Cold chain” traceability platform.

   On the morning of January 5th, the Qingshan District Market Supervision Bureau of Baotou City held a training course on the application of “Mongolian Cold Chain” imported cold chain food traceability system in Qingshan District, with 171 jurisdictions Relevant persons in charge of imported cold chain food business units and 11 farmers’ markets participated in the training. At the training site, technicians from the”Mongolian Cold Chain” system technical support unit demonstrated step by step and explained in detail how to register the”Mongolian Cold Chain” system, how to use the”Mongolian Cold Chain” system for the first stop/first bank registration and product entry Warehouse and outbound management, how to realize the operation of key links such as”first station code assignment, batch one code, one code universal” commodity code assignment.

  After a comprehensive preliminary investigation, there are 170 production and operation entities involved in imported cold chain food in the Qingshan District, and 1 third-party cold storage. At present, 150 households have settled in” The “Mongolian Cold Chain” platform has a completion rate of 88%.