“13th Five-Year” Fishery Highlights Serial |”13th Five-Year” Fishery Administration and Law Enforcement Achieve Significant Results
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   During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, fishery authorities at all levels and fishery administration supervision and management agencies conscientiously implemented the relevant decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, adhered to problem-oriented, goal-oriented and result-oriented, and actively carried out law enforcement around fishery transformation and upgrading Tackling tough problems and strengthening the construction of the team and supporting system provide a strong support and guarantee for the promotion of high-quality fishery development and the construction of ecological civilization in fishery waters.
   1. Building the”Bright Sword” law enforcement brand, and making significant progress in fighting illegal crimes. In-depth implementation of General Secretary Jin Ping’s series of important fishing instructions on the Yangtze River’s ten-year ban on fishing and rectification of”extreme household nets”, highlighting the ban on fishing in the Yangtze River, the closure of fishing in the summer season, the protection of aquatic wildlife, and the cleanup and prohibition of fishing. We will continue to organize and carry out a series of special law enforcement actions of “China Fishery Policy Bright Sword”, and make full use of information technology to promote the management of ships, people, and catches according to the port. Punishment of illegal activities in fishery. According to incomplete statistics, since the implementation of the operation, a total of 124,000 cases of violations of laws and regulations have been investigated and dealt with, 139,000 illegal persons have been investigated, and more than 170,000″three-nos” vessels and more than 4.6 million”no household nets” involved in fishing have been banned (top). Promote the continuous improvement of fishery production order.
   2. Strengthen the construction of law enforcement capacity and effectively improve the quality of the fishery administration team. To study and formulate the national law enforcement qualification examination outline for fishery administrative law enforcement officers, develop law enforcement qualification test question banks, and publish the guidance materials for the law enforcement qualification examination. Since 2016, we have continuously organized and carried out the national unified examination of law enforcement qualifications for fishery administrative law enforcement officers. 33,200 people passed the examination and obtained Fishery law enforcement qualifications. The”Guiding Standards for Fishery Law Enforcement Equipment Equipment” was issued to standardize the equipment for fishery law enforcement at different levels. Continuously organize and carry out the review and investigation of fishery law enforcement case files, formulate fishery law enforcement work norms, and standardize law enforcement case handling procedures. Organized and carried out activities to enhance the law enforcement capacity of fishery administration, and trained more than 13,000 law enforcement officers in total, which effectively improved the standardization level of law enforcement for fishery administration teams.
   3. Accelerate the construction of a cooperation mechanism, and the joint force of law enforcement and supervision has taken shape. Relying on the coordination mechanism for the comprehensive management of foreign-related fisheries, strengthen cooperation with relevant departments such as diplomacy, public security, transportation and maritime police, and strengthen the law enforcement of foreign-related fishery supervision. Work with the maritime police to improve law enforcement cooperation mechanisms such as joint law enforcement, execution connection, and intelligence and information sharing. Promote the improvement of regional fishery law enforcement cooperation mechanisms in Qingchuan, Gansu and Ningxia, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, Fujian, Guangdong and Qionggui, and improve the efficiency of supervision of inter-provincial waters. Actively promote the role of social welfare organizations, open a 24-hour call for reports on China’s fishery administration and law enforcement (010-59191110), and unblock the public reporting channels. Organize and implement the evaluation of the enforcement effects of fishing moratoriums, and accurately crack down on illegal acts.
   Fourth, the construction of the legal system has been accelerated, and support and protection have been significantly strengthened. On the basis of in-depth investigation and research and extensive solicitation of opinions, the draft revised Fisheries Law was drafted and submitted to the State Council for deliberation in early 2020. In conjunction with relevant departments, the”Measures for Cooperation and Cooperation in Law Enforcement of Maritime Fisheries”,”Opinions on Punishing Illegal Fishing and Other Crimes in the Yangtze River Basin in accordance with the Law”,”Measures for the Joint Identification of”Three Nos” Ships”, and formulated the”Regulations for the Supervision of Listing of Major Fisheries Violations and Regulations” and”Illegal The fishery administration law enforcement supporting systems such as the identification (assessment) of the items involved in fishing cases and the Measures for the Assessment and Repair of Aquatic Biological Resources Damage (for Trial Implementation) provide legal guarantees for standardized law enforcement.
   Five, multiple measures were taken simultaneously to strengthen publicity, and the influence of fishery administration and law enforcement continued to expand. In accordance with the work requirements of”who enforces the law, who popularizes the law”, organize fishery law enforcement officers to go to fishing areas and fishing villages, strengthen the propaganda of fishery laws and regulations in various ways, and achieve strong and warm fishery law enforcement. Make full use of mainstream media such as People’s Daily, CCTV, and Farmers’ Daily to continue to publicize major fishery law enforcement activities. Innovate law popularization channels, open the”China Fishery Administration” WeChat public account, release information on fishery administration enforcement work, promote typical experience of fishery administration enforcement, and provide a unified display platform for law enforcement teams. Strengthen the interpretation of the law by case, organize a press conference on fishery law enforcement in China, publish typical cases of fishery law enforcement for three consecutive years, report on the work of special law enforcement actions, and create laws to be followed, law must be followed, law enforcement must be strict, and violations must be strictly enforced. A good atmosphere of public opinion.